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Column - Too much stimulation can monkey with the mind

The topic of “Monkey Mind” comes up frequently at the acupuncture clinic. It is characterized by the mind racing from thought to thought, endlessly.

Times change, but WWCC's mission remains the same

’Tis the season for graduation — a truly joyous time of year where we celebrate student accomplishments and a milestone in the lives of many.

Column - Wisdom about extracting third molars

So why do so many people have wisdom teeth removed? Most of us do not have enough room in our mouths to keep the wisdom teeth and the surrounding gums healthy.

Working in tattoo removal program an eye-opener

If you had asked me nine months ago, I would have been oblivious to the existence of a nonprofit tattoo removal program in Walla Walla. As a Whitman College senior, I was busy enough with schoolwork and planning. The events occurring in the greater community were not my top priority.

Coalition eyes Mill Creek rehabilitation study

The local Mill Creek Channel Coalition continues to make important progress toward its goal to ensure the flood-control channel running through our community functions well into the 21st century.

Column - Stand up for what’s right, but do not hate

It’s difficult to take a breath or two without being assaulted by some great politically religious name, purporting to speak for God and the rest of us, who announces that America — because of our extreme state of sinfulness — is about to undergo the wrath of God.

Column - Despite blindness, life can be great

In last month’s column I related people’s thoughts about going blind. This month I’d like to present what people have told me about learning to cope with blindness after the initial shock lessened, and what they did with their lives. No one wants to be blind, but life can still be great.

Column - Engineers bring clean water to WW and beyond

Walla Walla is, indeed, a “nice” place to live, but despite what you may have heard, that is not actually why they named it twice.

Column - WWCC measures student success

In 2011 Walla Walla Community College was one of 120 community colleges invited by the Aspen Institute to participate in the inaugural Prize for Community College Excellence. Of approximately 1,200 community and technical colleges in the United States, WWCC ranked among the top five and was recognized as a “college of distinction.”

Column - Whitman students flock to volunteer opportunities

Every year and often under the radar, more than 1,000 Whitman students volunteer in Walla Walla. It’s the college’s Student Engagement Center that brings them — the students and dozens of local schools, community groups and nonprofits — together.