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Column - Those who can’t see can still look good

It was brought to my attention recently that some people with good eyesight have trouble understanding how a blind person could perform tasks like shaving or applying makeup.

Column - Lessons from a 114-year-old Girl Scout

Maybe it sounds a little cheesy to say I loved a 114-year-old woman whom I met only twice, but it’s true.

Column - Walla Walla University: Building a lasting foundation

Usually, every year in mid-June, the little town of College Place takes a hiatus. Most students scatter for the summer, leaving the Walla Walla University campus to quietly bask under warm sunny days and fiery evening sunsets.

Column - WWCC to undergo reaccreditation process

Over the summer, new faculty and staff were hired, annual plans and operating budgets were finalized, facility maintenance occurred, summer classes were completed and 1,000 Blue Creek fire fighters were housed on campus.

Column - Local businesses put summer interns to work

It’s a hot summer day in Walla Walla, yet Abby Seethoff — a soon-to-be senior at Whitman College — is busy pulling vintage clothing and accessories into the displays outside the entry to Door Number Two on Colville Street.

Op-Ed - US Highway 12 improvements just down the road

The Walla Walla Valley’s long-sought goal of a four-lane highway between Walla Walla and the Tri-Cities took a significant step forward with the recent passage of a Washington State Transportation Revenue Package.

Column - My detox experiment pays off

A month ago, I set out on a mission: to have more energy, to learn how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my daily diet, to curb my crazy sugar addiction, to manage my stress and anxiety and to feel healthier in general.

Column - At WWU, we train soldiers of peace

In Ephesians 6:10-20 the apostle Paul offers a vigorous call to battle, portraying the followers of Christ as God’s well-equipped army. Believers, says Paul, are soldiers who must dress themselves for the battlefield. They must “put on the whole armor of God” and become energized combatants in the battle between good and evil.

Column - Excessive acidic drinks juice up kids’ dental bills

My grandparents took me to the store once a week after school. There, they purchased the “fixins” for our weekly root beer floats and a few candies from the Brach’s Pick a Mix bins.

Column - Too much stimulation can monkey with the mind

The topic of “Monkey Mind” comes up frequently at the acupuncture clinic. It is characterized by the mind racing from thought to thought, endlessly.