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Curiosity Watch - Red planet was wet planet, Mars scientists suspect

Billions of years ago, Mars may have resembled Earth more closely than it does today.

Brine suspected on Mars incompatible with Earth organisms

The big news about Mars, as you have probably heard, is that there is liquid water on the surface.

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Rare moon eclipse expected Sunday

A lunar eclipse will be visible over the Walla Walla Valley on Sunday night — but not a normal one. It will be a supermoon lunar eclipse.

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Curiosity Watch - Rover’s ‘selfie’ out of this world

From time to time the rover Curiosity uses its Mars Hand Lens Imager to take a self-portrait. These “selfies” are often taken at rock drill sites.

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Walla Walla goes beyond global — way beyond — as place name

There is another Walla Walla valley — not here on Earth, but on the planet Mars.

Column: Mars rover Curiosity back to work after break

Curiosity had a break from its normal workload for most of June because Mars was in solar conjunction. This means that Mars was almost exactly behind the sun as seen from Earth.

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Mars rover studies curious mineral deposits

Curiosity is still working on discovering the story of Mars’ past. Hints to this story are hidden in the rocks of Mount Sharp, the Martian mountain that the rover is slowly climbing layer by layer.

Short circuit halts drilling on Mars rover

JPL, we have a problem.

Mars rover on a ‘walkabout’

Curiosity, the Mars traveler, has become Curiosity, the field geologist.

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Life-hinting methane sources on Mars puzzle scientists

News that the rover Curiosity has found methane on the surface of Mars is exciting because, on Earth, 95 percent of the methane in our atmosphere is created by microbial organisms.