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Numbers favor holiday moderation

If asked which holiday has the highest frequency of alcohol-related fatalities, you would most likely and with great conviction say New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July ... but you would be wrong. It is Thanksgiving.

There will always be speeders, but you don't have to be one

What a scary situation, to be pushing the brake to the floor yet knowing that you will not be able to stop in time.

STREET SMARTS - Shorter days call for minimizing distractions behind wheel

We are spending more time in the darkness as the days become shorter, and the hazards of driving increase significantly. However, there are steps that we can take to ensure that we get to our destination safely.

STREET SMARTS - Drivers may not understand continuous parking ordinance

People shopping downtown will periodically return to their cars and find a parking ticket for violating the "continuous parking ordinance."It is not always apparent to them why they were cited. "What did I do?"Most parking violations are easy to understan

Chow time or drive time? Decision yours; risk ours

Are articles on "distracted driving" driving you to distraction?

STREET SMARTS - Know the rules before you light the fuse

It is easy to become confused when trying to decide what our legal rights and obligations are concerning the discharging of fireworks. That is because the city of Walla Walla has different regulations than does College Place and Walla Walla County.

STREET SMARTS - Can other drivers put their trust in you?

When I think of trust, a picture comes to mind of a baby looking up and smiling at its mother, depending on her for safety and well-being.

STREET SMARTS - Police get added teeth to deal with distracted drivers

Erica Forney was just 9 years old in 2008 when she was struck head-on by a 5,000-pound SUV while riding her bike.

STREET SMARTS - Simple strategies help allay risk from tailgaters

A while back I was driving on the Last Chance Road, and as I approached Highway 12, I noticed a truck headed eastbound toward Walla Walla. This truck was similar to those 24-foot moving trucks with the big box on the back.Behind the truck, not much more t

When the lights come on, move over, slow down

Not many people make their living along the side of a busy roadway with traffic rushing by within a few feet of them.