It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Our neighborhood. First, there is Jim Bly and his extremely understanding wife, Patty. My car doesn’t start — he comes over and fixes it, even if it’s snowing. Even if he just got home from a long day harvesting.

Letter - Elect Tom Cooper, a true public servant

The local Fraternal Order of Police was founded in 1997. Nine law enforcement officers in the local area believed in the organization and the benefits to the community.

Letter - Fair is a blast — to the eardrums

It is almost time for the annual fair to start! Once again I get to hear my favorite entertainers and listen to the rodeo events at no cost.

City Council lack courage of convictions?

Regarding the U-B editorial on May 10 (“Rescinding Rose Street vote ...).

City did not watch golf course lease holder

I would like to take a moment to express my concerns about the city of Walla Walla’s handling of the Veterans Memorial Golf Course. The current lease holder has been in violation of his lease agreement for years, yet city managers have sat on their hands unwilling to make difficult decisions.

Real estate profession hurt by TaxSifter decision

Disabling the TaxSifter function to search for properties by owners’ names is crippling to the real estate profession.

Yes, Obama does have, um, quite a record

I would like to take exception to William Henry’s assertions in his letter that appeared in the April 3 U-B. My concern deals with his suggestion that President Bush might be the worst president ever while President Obama will never have a shameful record.

Pacific Power should have to buy conduit

Pacific Power should have to buy conduit

Red traffic light means 'stop' not go faster

Red traffic light means ‘stop’ not go faster