Opinion / Letters to the editor

Letter - Everyone is one disaster away from homelessness

I am somewhat ambivalent about the day center planned for Madison Park.

Letter - No quick fixes for problem of homelessness

I’m glad to see that Walla Walla is making efforts to critically approach the problem of homelessness in our town. The idea of microhousing is excellent because it’s overcoming the barrier that first presents itself to those trying to pull themselves back on their feet.

Letter - Valid ID will deter voter fraud

In the column by U.S. Rep. Richard Larsen you published opposing voter ID laws, Larsen made several statements and implications that are misleading. Most obviously, he implies that you only need a photo ID if you “drive or fly internationally.”

Letter - Madison Park shelter fits a need

It is important to me that we have housing for low-income people in Walla Walla, so I was delighted when Washington School homes were built.

Letter - Fears groundless regarding Madison Park

Much of the opposition to having the Madison Park center for the homeless would be allayed if reliable information rather than groundless fears and misinformation is directed toward the issue.

Letter - Thought on global warming and nature

Ever wonder how much global warming took place when nature’s lightning caused forest fires to remove excess debris/fuel from forests long before any attempts were ever made to control them?