Opinion / Letters to the editor

Letter - Tom Cooper’s stories are unraveling

As you fill out your election ballots, stories sheriff candidate Tom Cooper wants us all to believe are falling apart.

Letter - Candidate responds to U-B editorial

In response to your editorial, “State Rep. Maureen Walsh continues to be an outstanding legislator,” I would like to put forth an alternate viewpoint.

Letter - Keep WW County growing forward

Sheriff Turner has delivered a sorely needed and welcome upgrade to his department so appreciated by his hard working staff. We are fortunate to have him.

Letter - Rea Culwell has record of proven results

It has been interesting watching how all of the candidates have handled their campaigns. It’s great insight. One very important race has shown two different types of campaigning. Incumbent Rea Culwell has been making a strong argument for her case to be re-elected Columbia County prosecutor. She uses facts, figures, public records and a stellar list of endorsements to bolster her bid.

Letter - Randy O. Lewis will be open, fair and honest

There have been several letters to the editor recently challenging the character and integrity of Randy O. Lewis. Randy is running for the office of prosecuting attorney in Columbia County.

Letter - New leadership is needed in Congress

This is what is happening in our 5th Congressional District: One in five citizens rely on food stamps; unemployment is 30 percent higher than the national average; one in six people live below the federal poverty level.

Letter - Tom Cooper will treat every deputy with respect

In 2008 I began my law enforcement career with the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office. At that time Mike Humphreys was the Sheriff and Deputy Sgt. Tom Cooper was supervising the field training program.

Letter - Stepping back to old ways makes no sense

In 2010, the voters of Walla Walla County elected John Turner to be our new sheriff. We did so for several reasons: His education, training and experience were vastly superior, he promised to carry out much needed changes in the Sheriff’s Office and he represented a long-overdue, refreshing change from the former sheriff/county commissioner/Union-Bulletin political machine.

Letter - Tom Cooper campaign has been transparent

This letter is to address all of the negative letters that have come out in this race for the county sheriff position. First, the beauty of being an American is to have a voice and an opinion when it comes to pretty much anything and everything, including supporting whomever you like.

Letter - Voting is done — stop campaigning

As a registered voter, I just received the election ballot in the mail. I have voted and mailed my ballot. Now I have to listen to all of the candidates with their various opinions, as they bash their opponents, make snide remarks, etc.