Opinion / Letters to the editor

Letter - What does Helpline do for community?

I am writing to offer my perspective as a volunteer of several years at Helpline, one of the social service agencies in our community. I would ask the reader to consider the following questions and their possible answers/solutions.

Letter - Sen. Sanders tax plan is not realistic

Asked how he would finance his vast expansion in government expenditures, Sen. Bernard Sanders responded by saying he would tax Wall Street speculators.

Letter - Asian-Americans are a minority rarely mentioned

There’s a lot of talk about race in the news.

Letter - We need to create hope to stop terrorism

As all Americans know, the Redcoats lost the Revolutionary War because the English were trapped in an old way of thinking. They did not adapt to the times. A similar thing is happening with regard to the war on terrorists, especially after the heinous attacks on Paris.

Letter - Apology offered for misunderstanding

I regret some have interpreted my mention of Providence St. Mary Medical Center in my Nov. 18 letter on Taco Time’s compostable program as implying that some of the recycling occurring at the hospital is rejected by the recycling vendor as exceeding the limit of non-recyclables.

Letter - If school is delayed an hour, kids will delay sleep

It seems to be a rather generally accepted fact that the human body functions more efficiently following an adequate amount of sleep. Studies have indicated sleep is of greater value when obtained during what we call night time hours.