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Letter - How much ‘hope and change’ can we tolerate?

“Women invited to apply for Ranger school” (Army Times, Sept. 22). Brought to us by the progressive über alles (party over country) Democrats and el Presidente Obama.

Letter - Sheriff’s Office felony closure rate is low

The current sheriff, John Turner, would have the public believe he has done a fantastic job during the last four years as sheriff. There is one alarming fact that really says it all.

Letter - Lack of transparency on Cooper’s health concerning

I attended the candidates forum the other week at Walla Walla Community College. I especially wanted to hear Tom Cooper. I was disappointed.

Letter - What is done when rules are broken? Ignore it

A group of 10-year-olds started a club last year. The club was a great club and pretty soon everyone wanted to join. The members decided to make up a set of rules for joining the club.

Letter - Obama to blame for failed military strategies

In her recent letter to the U-B, Annie Capestany stated, “Decimating ISIS won’t end extremists threats.”

Letter - Why not adjust corporate tax rate to fair level?

It sure would be nice to have an Obama fan explain justification for a set of facts in a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Letter - Ten reasons to support Turner for sheriff

Here are 10 reasons I am voting to re-elect Sheriff John Turner:

Letter - Government spends too little, and on wrong things

I constantly hear people in this town complain that high taxes to support government assistance to families are ruining the American economy.

Letter - Cooper’s pattern of behavior concerning

Sheriff John Turner has undergone a great deal of scrutiny during his tenure. Much has been printed and his opponent and his supporters have been given the opportunity to put their own spin on the stories.

Letter - Sheriff debates are not informative

I attended the candidates forum at Walla Walla Community College Sept. 17 hosted by the American Association of University Women. I was told and expected that the candidates would be answering and discussing the challenges our community and issues that may appear in the voter’s ballot.