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Specilization in one sport can lead to injuries in kids

Many — if not most — parents and coaches are unintentionally going too far for their sport, and forgetting about the potential consequences of specializing too soon.

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The why of volunteering: Because kids love art

Carnegie Picture Lab brings art lessons and projects into nine different elementary schools throughout the Valley.

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For crafty holiday fun with the kids, keep things spontaneous

Establishing family traditions around a creative activity during the holiday season can be meaningful, and as simple as a cup of hot cocoa during winter's first snow.

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Should you turn the page from books to an e-reader?

Another study found when parents read from conventional books they were more likely to engage in dialogic reading — that special form of conversation with its back-and-forth discussion of the story and how the characters and incidents relate to the child's life.

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Revelations of censorship rock young minds

I get a kick out of my kids when their sense of injustice is stirred. It gives me a glimpse into their developing opinions and their ability to articulate them.

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Dear Dietitian: When should I wean my baby off breast milk?

Should I hold off on solids because I'm breast-feeding, or start right at 6 months?

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For a hot time, serve up a date in the kitchen

In the midst of holiday parties and fast-food meals on busy nights, it's far too easy to take mealtime for granted.

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Having healthy baby teeth really matters

Did you know most baby teeth will be present until your child reaches adolescence?

Getting your kids excited about books

Want to get your children excited about books and keep them reading all summer? The Walla Walla Public Library is just the place to make that happen.

Turn over a new leaf: Garden with your kids

It’s spring. You’re seeing all those cute little plants for sale outside stores, and your saliva awakens at the thought of a still-warm, fresh-from-the-vine home-grown tomato. You are thinking about turning over the soil in the backyard and planting a seedling or two.