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Getting your kids excited about books

Want to get your children excited about books and keep them reading all summer? The Walla Walla Public Library is just the place to make that happen.

Turn over a new leaf: Garden with your kids

It’s spring. You’re seeing all those cute little plants for sale outside stores, and your saliva awakens at the thought of a still-warm, fresh-from-the-vine home-grown tomato. You are thinking about turning over the soil in the backyard and planting a seedling or two.

Homelink: Educational asset for local families

It’s Tuesday morning and my kids and I are hiking at Rooks Park and Bennington Lake. It’s a school day for us.

Preschools partner to overcome wait problem

What happens when one preschool does not have enough students enrolled to make it viable, while another has a lengthy waiting list of children eager to attend?

Do your date night right

It’s a rare and elusive creature: date night for mom and dad.After rearranging schedules, feeding the family early and laying out the essential bedtime stories, it’s finally here. The sitter has arrived, the kids are in their jammies, and it’s time to go.