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The Circulation Department can be reached at 509-525-3301.


News reporters

Rachel Alexander, Columbia and Garfield counties, cities of Athena and Weston, rural Walla Walla County including Dixie, Prescott, Touchet, Waitsburg, immigration policy; 509-526-8363;

Alfred Diaz: city of Walla Walla, city of Milton-Freewater, weekend reporter; 509-526-8325;

Sheila Hagar: medical, social services; 509-526-8322;

Luke Hegdal: emergency services; 509-526-8326;

Vicki Hillhouse: Port of Walla Walla, business, Business Monthly; 509-526-8321;

Terry McConn: courts, special projects; 509-526-8319;

Karlene Ponti: specialty publications; 509-526-8324;

Andy Porter: environment, state and national politics, prison, county government, agriculture, city of College Place; 509-526-8318;

Ben Wentz: education; 509-526-8315;

Sports reporters

Jim Buchan: sports; 509-526-8323;

Ben Wentz: sports; 509-526-8315;


Greg Lehman; 509-301-5449;

Michael Lopez;

News clerk

Mary Christensen; weddings, engagements, anniversaries; 509-526-8307;


Rick Doyle, editor: 509-526-8306;

Alasdair Stewart, managing editor for news and multimedia; 509-526-8311;

Rick Eskil, editorial page editor; 509-526-8309;

Bret Rankin, sports editor; 509-526-8316;

Thomas P. Skeen, assistant managing editor for news; 509-526-8320;

Brenden Koch, specialty publications editor; 509-526-8304;

Catherine Hicks, wire editor; 509-526-8312;

Annie Charnley Eveland, copy editor, Etc. column; 509-526-8313;


Obituaries: 509-525-3302;

Classified Ads: 509-525-3302;

Advertising general email:

Sales representatives

Matt Lohrmann, online advertising consultant: 509-526-8314;

Jeff Sasser: 509-526-8343;

Donna Schenk: 509-526-8338;

Colleen Streeter: 509-526-8333;

Mike Waltman: 509-526-8337;

Ad production

James Blethen, ad production supervisor: 509-526-8359;

Vera Hammill, ad production and events coordinator: 509-526-8340;

Ralph Hendrix, ad designer:

Chris Lee, ad & Web designer: 509-526-8358;

Steve Lenz, ad designer:

Sherry Burrows, ad courier: 509-526-8341;


Rob C. Blethen: 509-526-8331;


Rick Doyle, editor: 509-526-8306;

Jay Brodt, advertising director: 509-526-8342;

Mike Cibart, circulation manager: 509-526-8345;

For the Circulation Department's general line, call 509-525-3301.

Jim Seiner, press/distribution supervisor: 509-526-8327;

Deirdre Bealey, human resources manager: 509-526-8305;


Hermon Mike, IT Coordinator/Web Developer;


Mailing address: P.O. Box 1358

Delivery address: 112 S. First Ave.

Walla Walla, WA 99362