Get Your Event Covered

If you’re putting on an event and would like one of our reporters to cover it, you might be wondering where to start. Here are some suggestions.


The Marquee is a weekly section published in Thursday’s paper that focuses on art, music, theater, film and cultural events. Each week’s Marquee includes an events calendar, briefs about upcoming local events, and a longer cover story.

To get an event listed

Our Marquee events calendar is based on items submitted to our events calendar online. To submit an event, go to our Submit an Event form. You will need to have a free online account to do this. If you don’t have one yet, sign up here.

Items must be submitted by the Wednesday before the week they are intended to appear. For example, if you would like your event listed in the Thursday, Nov. 14, Marquee, you should submit it before Wednesday, Nov. 6.

To get an event covered in Marquee

For a brief or shorter article, simply sending us a press release is usually sufficient. Please see our guide to writing a press release for tips. Press releases or other information may be sent to, or to Assistant Managing Editor Thomas P. Skeen at

If you would like a longer article written, you should contact one of our editors or reporters at least a few weeks in advance.

Please do not contact multiple reporters or editors about covering your event. We are a small newsroom, and we talk to one another regularly. If you send information to someone who isn’t able to cover your event, they will pass it along to the correct person. Sending multiple emails to different reporters and editors makes it harder for us to coordinate.

When sending us information about your event, the following information should be included:

The date, time and location of the event

Information about tickets (cost, website to visit, number to call, etc.)

Best people to contact for more information, with phone numbers and/or email addresses

Information about rehearsals or other similar pre-event activities that would lend themselves well to being photographed (for instance, art being hung for a show)

Photos from a previous occurrence of the same event, if applicable, with caption information (names and titles of people in photos, descriptive information)

Other events or news items

If you have a non-arts related event you’d like covered, a news tip or some other information you’d like to share with a reporter, we’d love to hear from you. See our list of reporters and editors to find the best person to contact.

If your topic overlaps with multiple people’s coverage areas, please pick the person you think is the best fit and send information to them. We’re a small newsroom, and we frequently pass things between staff based on schedules and interests. Contacting multiple reporters does not make it more likely that we’ll cover your event.

If you’re unsure who to contact, send information to Assistant Managing Editor Thomas P. Skeen at or (509) 526-8320.