Stories for November 1991


Sunday, November 24

Valley clings to folklore, traditions

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas _ One of the predominant aspects of the Rio Grande Valley is the rich South Texas folklore brought to the area by the Indians, Spanish and Mexicans.Some of these traditions are practiced not only in some migrant families, but in H

Sunday, November 17

Holiday is time to remember, honor loved ones who have died

LAGRULLA, Texas _ The first event the Martinez family got home in time to celebrate was ÆMDULØDia de los MuertosÆMDNMØ (Day of the Dead) _ a traditional Hispanic celebration.In many Hispanic communities throughout the United States, ÆMDULØDia de los Muert

Family arrives home, gets reacquainted

LAGRULLA, Texas _ Fighting back tears and with ear-to-ear smiles, the Martinezes were reunited with their family after seven months of separation.As the truck and car carrying Raul and Maria Elena Martinez and their two youngest children _ Jimmy, 10, and

Sunday, November 10

Skunk smell mild compared to snowstorm

LaGRULLA, Texas _ I'm not one to travel long distances for a long period of time. Whenever I need to get to a certain destination I travel by plane. It's fast and easy.But in order to do my job properly, I had to travel the 2,141 miles from Oregon to Sout

Journey to Texas treacherous - as usual

LaGRULLA, Texas _ It was 9 a.m. Oct. 28 when the Martinez family left Boardman, Ore., to return to South Texas for the winter.At 6 a.m. that Monday, the Martinezes and two other families started loading their cars and trucks with as many personal belongin

Sunday, November 3


BOARDMAN, Ore. _ For the past 35 years, Raul and Maria Elena Martinez and their family have traveled to the Pacific Northwest to harvest crops.The family has never had difficulty finding field work _ indeed, employers have urged them to make a permanent m