Full story on climate change needed


On the Nov. 29 Union-Bulletin's Perspective page we were presented with three articles on global warming, all of which support that theory.

In the previous week a number of stories relating to a topic called "climategate" were published by other news sources but to my knowledge none of these made the local paper. The topic even came up on ABC's Sunday show hosted by George Stephanopoulos.

It is interesting that we charge our local paper with keeping us informed about events and it is instead feeding us stories similar to what we might expect to find in the papers aligning the checkout stands at grocery stores.

Just in case you haven't heard, many of the scientists behind the climate change theory have been altering climate data to justify their position, circumventing the peer review process, attacking scientists that question the validity of the concept and basically ignoring the scientific process.

I have to assume the reason we weren't treated the other view is because it is contrary to what we are suppose to read and believe.

Perhaps some effort should be made to educate the local population about the real facts behind the climate change theory otherwise they may begin to look elsewhere for their news.

Nat Webb
Walla Walla


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