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Let’s have some opposing views on global warming

This letter is in response to the U-B giving a full front page in Sunday’s Perspective section to help sell the global warming crisis. Will it be bold enough to follow up with a balanced journalism approach and give equal billing with a full page of articles that point out how big a hoax this is?

Especially with the recent discovery of manipulated raw data, which make "global warming" look scarier than it really is and the alleged villains are the climate scientists, are we now experiencing climategate? Could it be possible the climate science has become so partisan that they will do anything for their cause?

All three articles published in the paper have data interpreted in a way that would lead one to believe a crisis is at hand. A further look into all the information and analyzed with simple math, you may want to question what you read.

"Less on our plates" one can see that there has been a 17 percent increase in the number of hungry people from the mid-1990s, a concern no doubt. When you fold in population growth from the international census we have seen a 19 percent increase in population in the same period.

Wow we actually made a 2 percent gain if hungry people would have tracked population growth. These facts are unmentioned in the article along with many other facts, I am sure. Add in other facts we know quite well in our own Valley, there is probably a lot less land dedicated to food agriculture products than in 1995. I do not consider wine grape vineyards a food product.

As for the cap-and-innovate, just read the article, the author is chief executive of an energy company that is heavily vested in nuclear power and wow, it’s a low- carbon footprint energy. Lucky guy! One should ask why hydropower isn’t considered "low-carbon footprint" energy. Never fear, I hear John Deere plans a full line of battery-powered farm equipment out just in time for the 2012 Christmas season. We just need a few more wind generators to charge them.

Next we are expected to "Do it for the polar bears!" A little research can bring out the facts of increase from 5,000 in 1950s to 20,000-25,000 today — oops only an 80 percent increase, what were we expecting? I am looking forward to next Sunday’s paper. There are plenty of opposing view out there!

Bill Cox

Walla Walla

Tossing lots of cold water on global warming position

The U-B is an outstanding newspaper. Unfortunately, it must utilize articles from the agenda-driven Washington Post, which supports the great anthropogenic global warming scam. I’m sure most newspapers quite unintentionally print false data about this issue but nevertheless are promulgating misinformation designed to further the U.N.’s (and other’s) specific political goals — which suppress the truth.

Case-in-point was the recent full-page coverage in Perspective (Nov. 29) which included three Washington Post articles totaling 1,971 words. Rebutting 1,971 words with only 400 is difficult but below are a few points.

For sourcing (besides the Internet), I have 29 books in my personal library that refute man-caused warming, including the 2009 868-page NIPCC report entitled Climate Change Reconsidered. This report alone very thoroughly deconstructs the IPCC’s deception point-by-point (see climatechangereconsidered.org). It also details the petition project signed by 31,478 scientists (9,029 Ph.Ds). These climate-related scientists are grouped by specific discipline.

Note that the term "climate change" appears a dozen times in the Post articles but "global warming" not once. This is intentional. As the public becomes more aware of how the planet’s mean temperature has been dropping since 1998, it is becoming uncomfortable for alarmists like Gore to emphasize the "global warming" fakery.

The pre-1998 warming period was a continuance of the sun-driven cyclic retreat from the "little ice age" (Maunder Solar Minimum) that had nothing to do with CO2. Nor did the Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Solar Maximum) — which alarmists try to ignore — that had nothing to do with coal-fired plants or SUVs.

Constant references to "pollution" regarding CO2 is a misnomer. Carbon dioxide is an odorless, invisible, non-toxic, non-polluting gas despite deceiving claims by the politically motivated EPA.

Fahrenthold’s article, "Do it for the polar bears!" underscores how alarmism is used by agenda-driven environmentalists to terrorize us — especially our children — into believing nonsensical claims about catastrophic human-caused warming. Polar bears are proliferating.

Brown’s article, "A hotter planet means less on our plates" is ridiculous. When the planet warmed naturally in the Medieval Maximum, vegetation and crop growth flourished while human life-expectancy increased dramatically.

Izzo’s "Let’s go with cap-and-innovate"? CO2 doesn’t cause warming and unneeded "cap-and-tax" will devastate our economy.

"Climategate" is currently exposing how global warming advocates are not just ignoring but hiding the truth about this scam. Data that disputes their findings has been deleted.

Hopefully, it will throw cold water on the upcoming hot debate in Copenhagen.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla

Debate each other, but with full respect for others

I found a letter to the editor last week by Greg Sterling of Milton-Freewater to be most unsettling. I would have ignored it had the writer not claimed to be a Christian. He called liberals "infidels, of immoral behavior, glorifying drug abuse, and hating religion." He called liberals "as unclean as raw pork tainted with a rancid infection of the intellect and soul."

A Christian is challenged in the New Testament to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). So there are two tests Christians must pass in expressing their concerns. First, we are to speak the truth. Secondly, we are to speak with love or respect.

Generalizations usually fail the truth test, but this one definitely does. I know many liberals who are not guilty of any of the vices mentioned. Those I know are moral, mature, responsible citizens committed to the well-being of others.

Consider a liberal Democrat such as former President Jimmy Carter. His efforts through his Peace Center have been effective in saving thousands of lives by eradicating terrible diseases from polluted waters in many countries in Africa.

That is only one of many illustrations that I could give.

To check further on the truth test, the writer fails to understand the meaning of the word "liberal." If anyone looks up its meaning in any English dictionary, here are some of the definitions you will find: "generous, giving freely, tolerant of the views differing from one’s own, open minded, supportive of democratic and republican forms of government as distinct from monarchies or dictatorships, favoring education, reform, and personal freedom." These are qualities of value in any society.

Where we differ in matters of religion or politics, the Christian way is not to curse the opponent, but "to speak the truth with love," or recognize that the other person is also created in God’s image and deserving of full respect. Then the debate has a chance of bearing fruit.

Randy Klassen

Walla Walla

Community responds to coat drive to help those in need

Success in giving can be measured in two important ways; how the outcome impacts the giver and how the outcome impacts the recipient.

As givers, we have the knowledge that our gift is going to benefit those less fortunate. Our gift is given with nothing expected, but in our hearts, it feels good contributing to something other than ourselves.

As recipients, we have the knowledge that someone cares. Aside from the physical gift itself, we understand that this gift as given from the heart. In both of these senses our first coat drive was a definite success!

Thanks to our wonderful community and the people who visit it, over 170 coats were donated at Creek Town Cafe’, Saffron, Brassiere 4 and T. Maccarone’s to help keep area children warm this winter.

With as much need as there is in our community, those who donated coats can rest assured that a child out there is warmer and happier thanks to their gift.

We take pride living in a community that gave so graciously. thank you!

We appreciate Kate Bray for making our ads, Karen Carmen (Christian Aid Society) for help in distributing the coats and the U-B for helping us with the advertising.

Tom Uberuaga

Creek Town Cafe’

Walla Walla

Youths’ participation at seminars was impressive

I was so impressed with the nine youths who held 16 seminars at the Stateline Seventh-day Adventist church recently. These young people were present at every meeting. They were prompt and orderly.

I felt their conduct and their abilities to stay focused, their voice control and appearance was admirable. I attended most of the meetings and enjoyed them very much. I enjoyed the music also.

I would like to commend them and their director, Pastor Mike Lambert. I understand that some of these youths were from up in the mountains some distance away and I feel that each of these young people have the potential to be leaders of tomorrow.

Arlene Anderson

College Place

Congress wastes tax dollars; it’s easy to save salmon

I’m amazed at the height of stupidity that Congress will go to spend my tax dollars. Senseless dollars spent on research and studies.

The talk of breaching the dams on the Snake River to save the salmon. Congress, listen up. You want to save the salmon, pass a moratorium, a cessation of activity, to save the salmon. Stop killing the species as they make their way up the river to the spawning ground.

Not at the dams, but at the mouths of these rivers where tens of thousands are killed for their eggs, the very eggs that are the next generation of the species. Hundreds of thousands of eggs that do not make it to the spawning ground!

Congress wants to save the species. Have the people stop killing them at the beginning of their life cycle! It’s a no-brainer, Congress. Save the salmon, stop killing them!

A moratorium on fishing, one or two years, will see an increase of salmon making it back to the oceans to repeat the cycle. The money that would be spent on senseless research can be given to those affected by the moratorium, and the dams won’t need to be breached to save the salmon.

A big duh, Congress. Stop wasting my tax dollars.

Robert C. McNally, Sr.

Walla Walla

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