We should get out of Afghanistan


I'm with the Union-Bulletin editorial recommending the U. S. get out of Afghanistan, and not to send 30,000 more troops, but to bring them all out of there, now.

For the lives we've lost and the billions we've spent it has availed us nothing, damn little. It could be a never-ending war, a never-ending struggle to get the country the way we want it, or the way we think it should be.

We're not going to find bin Laden, and even if we did, it wouldn't change what's happening there.

Don't we ever learn anything? What does it take and how do we get it into the heads of our leaders how futile it is to continue this war? Maybe we, the people, aren't making enough ruckus about where they're taking us. A peaceful revolt is long overdue.

I objected vehemently to the Iraqi war. Look what that war has cost us and it continues. Get them all out! Bring them all home!

Let's take care of the many and complicated problems here on our own ground. I hope it isn't too late for that.

Richard D. Robison
College Place


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