Blue Devil is idolatry, not just a mascot
The Blue Devil mascot violates separation of church and state just as one would say an angel mascot would violate it.
Yes, a clever, knowledgeable, intelligent lawyer would be able to handle this case. I agree, Trevor from Oct. 25 letter.
As for the image of me standing on a soapbox screaming that the world is going to end, that’s hilarious, but not my style. I don’t live in fear of the world ending, either. Nor do I believe in fire and brimstone preaching concerning any apocalypse.
As for the argument to change the mascot being a waste of time, it is not. God certainly doesn’t think it’s a waste of time. Every minute of my day is not spent on this subject. The writer paints a ridiculous, inaccurate, false picture of me, which is not surprising since he doesn’t know me. This truly shows the state of ignorance in this town.
If I angered people, it’s because I told the truth and sometimes reality hurts. As for Walla Walla being a comparative heaven, that’s laughable. I’ve traveled the world and the United States and this is no "heaven." For one, anyone bearing the Yates surname gets treated with fear and revulsion as if every Yates were a serial killer.
Also, I’ve heard countless racist remarks about people of black, Hispanic and Native American descent from the general population, businesses, employers, and co-workers and even churches. Not to mention all the woman-hating remarks I’ve heard.
Taking Walla Walla’s past and present into account shows me an accurate, not heavenly picture of this town and its evils.
My brother plays role-playing games and explains them to me. I don’t have to be involved in evil to understand the dynamics of it. There are other non-demonic games out there that teach critical thinking skills.
2 Corinthians 2:11 talks about not being deceived by the devil’s devices and the devil comes as an angel of light, 2 Corinthians 11:14.
The red description is a man-made idea but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t represent him, since people believe that is what he looks like. The blue presumably comes from the Blue Mountains. Someone with critical thinking skills would think of this.
Amber Yates
Walla Walla

Sarah Palin is just Dick Cheney in a skirt
It seems like every place I turn, I see Sarah Palin. She’s on the nightly news, talk shows, newspapers, and now she is going to be in Richland, signing books.
First it was Glenn Beck, now Sarah. I just have to ask, why?
Over 50 percent of the electorate doesn’t even feel she is qualified to be president. She couldn’t even finish her term as Alaska’s governor.
When Katie Couric asked her what she was reading, she couldn’t even fake an answer. But now, she reads only conservative publications.
But us liberals are much too hard on conservative women. Does anyone need to be reminded how the conservatives treated Hilary? Or Glenn Beck and Rush Linbaugh calling a U.S. senator a prostitute?
You know, once before we were handed a slick-talking "good ole boy" who pandered to the conservative right, and we ended up with eight years of Dick Cheney. To me, Sarah Palin is nothing more than Dick Cheney in a skirt.
And as for health-care reform, the party of "NO", was against Social Security, Medicare and every raise that was ever proposed for minimum wage. Why would anyone think it would stand up for the common man, now?
Bruce McCutcheon
Walla Walla

Nursing home administrators shouldn’t have been fired
As I read the front page story in the Nov. 20 Union-Bulletin regarding the state citing Regency At The Park nursing home, I found myself getting upset.
I am not at all upset at administrators Larry White or Mary Coates. What upsets me is that the state in its infinite wisdom cites a local nursing home for what it seems to think was resident abuse, but does not really give a clear outline as to what the administrators should have done.
The U-B article states, "The facility failed to ensure the resident’s right to be protected from mental and physical abuse." The article also claims the nursing home "caused harm to a resident."
I sincerely doubt the female resident was harmed either mentally or physically. My opinion is that what Larry White and Mary Coates did to try to solve a problem was totally understandable.
I have two sisters at the same nursing home. I have visited the facility several times and have personally encountered the female resident who allegedly had been abused. I feel the opposite is true. It was the other residents, visitors and staff who were abused by having to tolerate a resident who gave off an offensive odor because she refused to shower or change her clothes.
Where are the rights for the other residents and their desire not to have to put up with that abuse?
It is my understanding that the administrators had contacted the resident’s doctor as well as her power of attorney. It seems they also agreed a mandatory shower was in order. Doesn’t it make common sense that a filthy resident can be a breeding ground for disease and illness that might be spread to other residents?
I am certainly an advocate for reasonable, common-sense residents’ rights. However, I also believe this story just gives us another example of the state being too "politically correct," causing two administrators to be unfairly fired.
Harry Flemmer
College Place

Christmas is about more than making money
Why it is OK for every money-making entity in our country to believe Christmas is the time they will make their greatest sales of the year. The travel industry, electronics, games, clothes, seasonal foods and others depend on Christmas sales to keep their annual profits growing.
The day after Thanksgiving stores open anywhere from 3-4 a.m.
Christmas originally was celebrated to recognize the birth of Jesus, my Lord and Savior.
Our country was founded on Christian beliefs — not to say that other beliefs were not allowed — but the foundation of our country was Christian. Christmas is a Christian Holiday. It has been recognized as a national holiday for over 200 years in the United States.
It has always been one of the most important holidays of the year because of Jesus Christ and what He stands for. Well, perhaps lately it has become one of the most important holidays of the year because of the dollars to be made.
Why all of a sudden in the past few years are employees not allowed to say Merry Christmas? Christmas trees and Christmas words are not allowed in many public places. These public places want money brought in because of Jesus’s birthday, but they don’t want His name associated with their greedy dollars.
I realize this has been going on for several years, but I do not understand where our constitutional rights are headed when it comes to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. If people don’t want to say Merry Christmas that is their right, but to tell them they cannot say Merry Christmas is against our freedom.
I believe we need to stand up for our rights as a nation and not let the one or two who are offended take away our rights.
All I can say is I do not believe in censorship. Every day we are inundated in the media with filthy language, nudity, sexual promiscuity — those things are OK with the world — but to not be allowed to say Merry Christmas or have Christmas trees in a public lobby is a very sad sign of our failing society.
I am saddened to see us losing the America I grew up in. I hope it can be reversed before it is too late. I ask you to pray for our country.
Bev Shiffer
Walla Walla

Courage is needed to tell truth
History repeats! If the truth is told, the information is laid low and silenced.
Yesterday a spokesman from the Southern Poverty Association was questioned about his complaint to the media of Lou Dobbs, who was a strong, honest voice for honesty, patriotism and all-American reporting. Of course we must keep the enemy happy, so Lou was fired! (Am I still in the U.S.?)
Remember Jim Traficant, congressman from Ohio? He was recently released from prison after serving seven years on false charges. What a dynamic voice he was for the cause of freedom.
Truth is dangerous, and scarce. We’d better move before it’s too late. The "New World Order" is winning!
Nellie O’Connor

Radical Islamists pose real threat
When will we stop the PC nonsense about militant/political Islam and recognize the serious threat it poses to everyone on this planet?
"Radicalized" Islamists represent only a portion of the circa 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide, but large numbers of them use Quranic scripture to justify stoning people, beheading captives, "honor killing" atrocities, denying women educational and other rights, bombing marketplaces and other acts of terror designed to force their hideous religious and political views upon everyone.
Why don’t more Muslims who disagree with them speak out?
True, there are a few groups like freemuslims.org who desire secular rather than Sharia (Islamic) law, but not enough.
How can anyone criticize U.S. efforts to prevent the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan? The Taliban supports everything mentioned above and al-Qaida. Obama’s lack of resolve regarding troop levels encourages it.
Radical Muslim extremist Maj. Nidal Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" in his act of terrorism. Did he have other issues? Disgruntled? Upset? It doesn’t matter. He killed unarmed U.S. soldiers while shouting what all Islamic suicide bombers shout ... and for the same reason.
The act was classic terrorism and our murdered and wounded troops should have Purple Hearts. Instead, Obama cautioned against rushing to judgment while Army Chief of Staff Casey blathered about diversity.
Let’s drop that PC absurdity. We’ve always celebrated the fact that one thing that has made our nation great was its historic "melting pot" tradition. Our motto E Pluribus Unum means "out of many, one" (not out of one, many ... as Al Gore once claimed).
We Americans come from every ethnicity, religion and culture and while "diversity" may sound nice, unity should be our goal.
In another act of incompetence, an inexperienced President Obama and inept Attorney General Holder plan to bring al-Qaida’s 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and his cronies to New York rather than having a military trial at Guantanimo. We’ll have a years-long circus of Islamist propaganda designed to expose classified sources, methods and interrogation techniques while they spout baseless grievances against the West.
Obama’s intent is apparent: to further attack the CIA and Bush administration efforts in Iraq and the "global war on terrorism."
How can anyone not see that providing terrorists a public stage while undermining our intelligence agency is aiding our enemy? Public trials will cost millions, damage the war effort and risk lives by providing a tempting target for terrorist attacks.
Steve Singleton
Walla Walla

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