Partnership between home and school is essential to your child's education


Dear Mom: What is a good way for me to support my children when they bring math homework home in elementary school?

— Worried about homework

Dear Worried:
When helping your children with their math homework, make sure to stay positive and offer plenty of praise. Also remember that any apprehension or anxiety you may harbor toward the subject can easily be transferred to your child.
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics offers these tips for how families can help their children succeed in and enjoy mathematics:

Feel free to ask your child’s teacher questions about the math program such as what curriculum is being used; what kinds of extra materials should be on hand at home; how much time should be devoted to math homework nightly or weekly; how your child’s progress will be monitored and how you will be kept informed.
Forming a partnership between home and school is essential to your child’s education. Teachers can also offer a wealth of reources.


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