Lighten up! Blue devil a good mascot


Being an alumnus of Walla Walla High School I was shocked to learn that overt or covert devil worshipping is taking place at the school.

Of course back in 1989 when I graduated I, personally, did not see any evidence of satanism in any form nor were there any class offerings in the occult.

I only attended Wa-Hi for one year so I consulted others about this sinister development and, to my surprise, no one else knew anything about it either, or maybe they wouldn't admit to it. Therefore, the worship of Satan must be taking place through guile.

I know that Beelzebub is a trickster. So, to end this madness and save our valley we must change the mascot to something other than a Blue Devil. What shall we choose? A mascot must inspire and be a source of pride. A mascot must be bold. A mascot must be a rallying point for students, parents, and the community. In other words it must be some form of idol.

But seriously, what shall we choose? How about a wolf or an eagle? Oh, those are ancient symbols of the Greek God Zeus.

How about we choose a horse? Horses are cool! That won't work either. The horse is the symbol of Poseidon also known as Neptune ancient God of the sea. The dolphin and the bull also represent Neptune, so we can't choose those either. How about we choose an ordinary cat? No, the cat is the ancient symbol of Freya the Norse Goddess of love and war. This list can go on and on.

Therefore we cannot choose any mascot without it being associated with some form of evil, or heathenism, or the occult by someone else. Perhaps we should just choose a block of cheese to go with the whine?

Nope, can't do that either, as Aristaeus is the ancient Greek God of cheese and cheese making. The only solution to this vexing situation is to not have a mascot.

Is there anything more inspiring than nothing at all? However, nothing is a hidden force and the ancient Egyptian Goddess Amaunet covers that.

We should just let sleeping dogs lie. But, dogs are the messengers for Yama the Hindu God of death.

A blue devil sounds pretty good to me and some people should just lighten up! However, I do like the old blue devil better, less cartoonish!

Paul Jensen


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