Nealey has demonstrated exemplary citizenship


Having known Terry Nealey since the late 1970s, I am writing in support of his bid for our state representative from the 16th District.

I believe that it's time for a change and that terms should be limited and rotated with highly qualified newcomers for our state government representation. I can attest that Terry will commit himself to this position 100 percent as I have witnessed so many community achievements and contributions over three decades in Dayton. He has given of himself for the causes of the local Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, economic development and numerous community projects.

Professionally, I have the highest regard for Terry's business ethics and professionalism as a Dayton attorney. As a caring listener, Terry is always sensitive to others' professional, as well as personal, needs along with those of the community around him. He pitches in whenever and wherever he was called upon. Balancing his professional career, community involvement and his personal life, Terry exhibits exemplary standards of citizenship that will serve him well as he moves on in public service.

Without reservation, I recommend your full support of my good friend, Terry Nealey, as our next 16th District state representative!

Jerry Smith
West Richland


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