Edison boundaries concerning


Our area and our neighborhood has a new Edison School and apparently new guidelines.

According to school district recommendations, children are encouraged to attend their nearest school. Why then are children in the Edison School area being bused out? I understand there are new boundaries, but two blocks from the school?

I know a child who lives around the corner from Edison. Her mother received a phone call one evening shortly after school started telling her that her child was going to be bused to another school because the class was several students over.

The child returned home the following day and told her mom she was told to clean out her desk that day because she would not be returning.

Yes, her mother did attempt to contact the district office with questions.

The reply later from the district office was there was no action that could stop the relocation. There were slots to fill, but who was counting and filling those spots and why days after school starts? More WASL math problems?

Pat Morrison
Walla Walla


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