LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - An apology sets us free, right?


To everyone, I apologize. I take full responsibility though I was 70 percent right. If I was ever wrong, it was only because everyone else was also wrong.

I fully expect to be always right in the future but if someone at great expense can intimate that I was wrong I will maintain my haughtiness except for more useless apologies. Note, I have no accountability for anything I might have done wrong, and I want to leave you with this splendid idea.

If we adopt a policy of simply giving apologies whenever anything goes wrong, but insist we who may have made a mistake will not suffer in any way, then we can eliminate the entire U.S. justice system. We need not have any courts, juries, fines, prisons or worry about activist judges (conservative or liberal), hearings, etc.

We can also forget about knowing any history that might facilitate not making any mistakes (for which I apologize) in the future.

Now give me my contractually committed salary and the bonuses I was promised, even though, my actions have been useless if not harmful, and let's get on with life.

By the way, I expect to use the "apologize" technique to get out of my next arrest for drug dealing, embezzlement, DUI or whatever "mistake" I may make in the future. Neat!

Dick Swenson
Walla Walla


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