Fundraiser puts pink streak in Blue Devil game

Between today's games, the Wa-Hi softball team plans a fundraiser to help fight breast cancer.


WALLA WALLA -- Pink softballs will be signed and sold at today's Walla Walla High School softball games against West Valley to help raise money to fight breast cancer and to honor a team volunteer and cancer survivor who is best known to the players as "Carol P."

"The key to cancer of any kind is key early detection," team volunteer Carol Peterson said, noting that she often talks to players about breast cancer awareness.

"They will ask 'How old were you? How did you find out about your cancer? Do you have cancer in your family?' And I talk to them about how breast cancer has been diagnosed in kids as young as 15 and 16, so it is not unheard of in their age," she said.

Peterson was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, and again in 2002 with ovarian cancer. But in the last 15 years she has still managed to volunteer for the team to help support and motivate the players.

"I like the mental aspect of the game. I talk about getting in the right frame of mind, working hard, getting motivated," she said.

This first-time fundraising event is coordinated by team coaches and players, including captain and senior Vicki Reardon.

"I worked with Carol during the summer, and she has always been a big part of the motivational process. Like one day, she brought the team Popsicles when the sun came out," Reardon wrote in a press release.

Donations for the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute will be collected at Murr Field between the first and second games scheduled for 4 and 6 p.m.

In addition to the signed pink softballs for $5, team pictures can also be purchased for a donation of $10.

Alfred Diaz can be reached at or 526-8325.


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