LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - More than polite banter needed


The Union-Bulletin is absolutely correct (Threats against political leaders can't be tolerated, April 13). However, such threats are unlawful and perpetrators are arrested and charged.

Tracii Hickman (Rhetoric being used is concerning, April 11) is also right to be concerned about a letter that asked, "We know who the Paul Reveres are ... but where are the Minutemen?" (Will America awake and fight back? April 6).

Opinion writers are indeed responsible for their words, and if law enforcement determines those words cross the sometimes-vague line into criminality or sedition, action might be taken. Then courts will decide guilt or innocence.

Breaking the law should never be condoned, but I do understand the deep, growing anger that is sweeping across this country in reaction to what the Obama administration is doing to America. Yes, thousands and perhaps millions of "Paul Reveres" and "Patrick Henrys" feel like Mr. Meyers, but they are law-abiding citizens who would not resort to violence.

That is, unless that's the only alternative to the growing crisis now being faced: the piecemeal dismantling of what had become -- in every respect -- the greatest nation in world history.

I disagree somewhat with the editorial's point about civility. We've passed the time for polite banter. What's needed is frank reality -- not political correctness.

Americans aren't Europeans. EU citizens don't have a Constitution like ours that protects our rights from an overly intrusive government nor a Second Amendment that empowers citizens to help defend it.

Our military, National Guard and federal employees swore oaths to do that and so have some 23 million living veterans and others. Many put their lives on the line for Constitution and country and do not consider those oaths to have expired when they left active service.

In my opinion, people shouldn't make seditious statements (Google the Smith Act), nor join/organize camouflaged groups of overeager "guerrillas" running around in the woods (paintball looks like fun though). But if our freedoms continue to be removed, our economy destroyed and our nation's security rendered vulnerable to attack by reducing nuclear defenses and other military systems, who knows what may happen down the road?

Could a government one day cross a line between representation and tyranny, whereby significant numbers of armed citizens might react? Read our history: The Declaration of Independence, Henry's Call to Arms, Jefferson's quote about "refreshing the tree of liberty." History has been known to repeat itself.

Steve Singleton
Walla Walla


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