LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Greenwood will take team approach


As you receive your ballots consider voting Richard Greenwood for coroner. This is a tough position involving decisions to be made at a difficult time.

I feel Richard Greenwood is the best candidate. He is a good man who listens, has patience and will treat the deceased and family with dignity and respect. His attention to detail and willingness to do the job correctly is important to him. He has researched the details to make this function flow smoothly in our community and is building relationships necessary in our region.

He feels strongly about the coroner position and has good ideas for positive improvements. I have known Richard for many years. He is a good family man and is a dedicated contributor to our community.

Richard is not a medical professional other than through life's circumstances. I do not see this as a negative.

He is not afraid to call in the experts when necessary and to be a fair advocate for the deceased. He is dedicated to working with the first responders, doctors, hospitals, law enforcement and the neighboring counties. I feel one of Richard's greatest strengths is he wants a team approach to being fair to the deceased.

Craig Nelson
Walla Walla


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