LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Farmers' Market seems to have problems


I am a supporter of the local Farmers' Market and a past vendor. But the complaints this year seem to be everywhere.

I've heard: The market doesn't seem as vibrant; the music selection isn't varied or pre-screened (not that it isn't good); the cost is too high and the market has lost its authenticity; they won't sell at the market even though their produce is excellent; produce is coming from Portland and Hood River with possible stops in Pendleton, hardly local (not that it's not good); the website is two months out of date and doesn't list the vendors; artisan vendors are down; local u-pick is not allowed because out of county vendors are selling the same (what's with that?); the insurance rules weren't clear in the past so why say that they were (not that they aren't valid); why can't the market cover the vendors' insurance; and on and on.

People are confused.

The Farmers' Market reputation is suffering and stopping by at a market Board of Directors meeting won't help (my humble opinion). Today someone said the market was sparse (mid-August, peak season).

Willy Van Krieken
Walla Walla


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