LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - No need for name calling


It has never been my aim to use the letters section as a debate platform, but due to recent events, I feel this response necessary. My comments regarding the letter of the month (LOM) idea was actually the body of the e-mail I had attached a Word document that contained my intended response.

Ironically, Mr. Singleton responded to that missive and his continual references to me in his response lead me to believe he either wants to start debating with me, or has an issue with me, neither of which will make any headway as the intention of my submissions are not for those reason.

More ironic than that, my intended submission was in regards to his letter in the Nov. 14 paper in which he, in my opinion, assumed a moderators role in taking several contributors to task for their opinions. I can't speak for the others, but as for the comments regarding my letter, he accused me of calling people stupid, thereby putting words in my mouth and completely missing a very simple point I was making. Precisely the idea I was trying to convey that the LOM idea would somehow put out the wrong idea to some of the contributors.

I cannot understand how anyone feels they have the right to take on the opinions of several people at one time; especially when it's quite clear to me Mr. Singleton has comprehension issues with very clearly written statements. I was raised better and raised my children better than to call people stupid, or any other names for that matter.

I strive to be very clear in what I say, I don't accuse others, call names, and try to pick fights, or carry on with or about anyone with any hate or malice in my words or actions. You sir, owe me an apology, I do not appreciate having my words changed around, this behavior is both childish and boorish.

I believe I am also owed an apology from the editor for printing my statements regarding the LOM issue.

I have e-mailed several letters for submission, always in the same manner, and always with the body of the e-mail being a personal exchange (or so I thought) with the editor. It is not my intention to cause any grief, and I certainly don't wish for my submissions to be blackballed, but this entire incident was uncalled for.

Thomas Peacock


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