Humane Society gets the full Monty with runaway ball python

The snake is a first for the society under its current director. Its owner is unknown.


WALLA WALLA - This week brought a historical first for Sara Archer, executive director of the Blue Mountain Humane Society.

For the first time in her five years at the helm, the agency is caring for a two-foot-long ball python.

The snake slithered onto a porch of a house on Morton Street on Thursday, the home of a "really nice" young couple with an infant, Archer said.

"They brought it in, with a baby carrier on one arm and the snake in a pillowcase on the other."

The drop in outdoor temperature had obviously stressed the snake, she added. "Ball pythons get their name from how they curl up when they are stressed or frightened and he had his head in his tail. We set him in front of a space heater and he opened up like a flower. He did. It was beautiful."

It wasn't long before staff members were wearing the snake as a necklace, Archer said.

The reptile has been placed in foster care with a local snake expert until the owner, "who must be out there somewhere," can be found, she said.

In the meantime, like all shelter residents, the python has been given a temporary name, the director noted.


For more information call 525-2452.

Sheila Hagar can be reached at or 526-8322.


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