Laws passed in secret


After reading Dan R. Clark's recent letter to the editor opining that "Democrats will feel the wrath at the next election," I felt compelled to offer my opinion and my concurrence.

About one week ago I asked someone I have great respect for, how most Democrats felt about the Democratic Congress making law (health-care reform) in secret. This person is a committed Democrat, so I thought I would get an informed answer. We often joke with each other about our differing political positions however my question was very serious.

His answer was disappointing. He told me how several years ago there was some type of political debate (apparently conducted by Republicans). The implication was "Well, they did it too." If that is true, it was wrong then and it is wrong now.

The manner in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are doing their very best to debate and vote on the health-care bill without input from the public is, to say the least, very troubling to me.

Now I have not been a fan of extremist comments from people such as some talk show hosts who throw words around like "socialism" or "communism," however, when a politician such as Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., so obviously takes a bribe in exchange for his vote and the thought of laws being passed in secret by people who tell us they know better is truly frightening to me.

It bothers me to say this but this does sound like a communist government rather than the United States of America. I believe many Americans are troubled and have been appalled by how the Democratic majority has ruled since enjoying its majority position.

I agree with Mr. Clark in that Democrats will be surprised at the results of future elections.

M.L. Wood
Walla Walla


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