Etcetera - 01/15/10


Educators Brenda Kirk of Blue Ridge Elementary, Wes Sanders of Green Park Elementary and Kris Duncan, Scott Tibbling and Marc Yonts of Walla Walla High School recently earned National Board Teaching Certificates.

They will be recognized by the Walla Walla School District administration and school board on Jan. 19.

Research shows certified candidates demonstrate significant improvement in their teaching practice.

Certified staffers help students succeed as students taught by NBCTs make higher gains on achievement tests than students taught by non-NBCTs.

The instructors are sought out for leadership, mentoring and coaching by their colleagues, a study showed.

Many NBCTs positively impact curricular decisions, chair departments and serve as faculty voices to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Certification provides routes for NBCTs to advance as master teachers, school leaders and mentors without leaving the classroom.

Many states recognize National Board Certification as sufficient proof for state licensure, allowing movement from state to state.

Many states and hundreds of local districts offer salary incentives for teachers who certify.

Certification contributes to continuing education units. Many higher-education institutions give NBCTs graduate credits for completing National Board Certification.

And certification meets most states' definition of "highly qualified teacher" under NCLB, according to the Jan. 8 Week in Review online newsletter.


KEPR TV personnel were in town to do a story on Walla Walla School District's Bullying Prevention program, which is facilitated by Mark Thompson.

Mark worked with fourth- and fifth-grade Blue Ridge Elementary students on definitions related to bullying and harassment and why it's important to be respectful and model civility.

Students participated in table activities during the program, which challenges them to learn more about their classmates and themselves, the Jan. 8 Walla Walla School District Week in Review online newsletter reported. This is the second year Mark has organized student activities to address bullying and harassment as a part of the Safe and Civil Schools program.


On Feb. 1, The Moms' Network will provide Walla Walla with a Resource Center that will offer essential materials, flyers and brochures for resources available to families in the Valley. It will be inside Book amp; Game, 38 E. Main St. Averaging 10,000 hits per month, their Web site is an online resource hub at

To get your organization's information at the Center and online, contact Beth Swanson at

Contact Annie Charnley Eveland at 526-8313.


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