Bus system necessary for Walla Walla


A well-functioning public transportation system is necessary to keep Walla Walla a healthy, safe, thriving community. We support our parks, schools, library, police and firefighters even if we're not currently using their services because we recognize their overall importance to the community, and we want them available when we and our family and friends need them.

In the same way, I encourage area residents, even if you have never once taken the bus, to recognize the overall importance of a high-level public transportation system to our community -- and possibly to ourselves personally one day. (Accidents and illness happen to us all.)

Please vote for the upcoming ballot measure to prevent Valley Transit from facing drastic service cuts in the coming year. More important, though, please vote for the upcoming ballot measure to keep a much-needed bus system in place, to preserve one of our most important (or necessary) public resources.

Noah Leavitt
Walla Walla


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