GOP has become party of ‘no'


I found your editorial of Jan. 17 (Effort to silence GOP is misguided) totally misguided. You failed to look at the big picture.

The GOP has truly become the party of "no."

No compromise, no solutions, no negotiating. Its chief spokesman, Rush Limbaugh, has publicly stated he wants President Obama to fail, and his lackeys, O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck, have become so negative (mostly out of what I feel is racial discrimination), that no one in the GOP would dare cross the line.

Does anyone need to be reminded what happened with Michael Steele when he disagreed with Rush?

It is time to get this country moving, again. We tried eight years of failed Bush policies, and they led to the biggest financial meltdown this country has ever seen. The people in the last election decided we need to at least try a different approach.

I say, 51 percent has always been the magic number. Fifty-one percent can elect anyone into — or out of — office. Fifty-one percent is a majority. So 51 percent should be the number to stop a filibuster or pass legislation.

Bruce McCutcheon
Walla Walla


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