In the minutes - Port of Columbia


Port of Columbia commissioners are Lawrence Turner, Gene Warren and Dale McKinley. With all present Wednesday commissioners:

  • ADMINISTRATIVE: Decided to increase rent by $25 per month on Gimmel's Machine Works. Gimmel's lease is up for renewal in August. Also approved having Internet delivery upgraded to a faster speed.

  • BLUE MOUNTAIN STATION: Viewed a new artist rendering of the buildings. Learned the Blue Mountain Station project was sent to committee by Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray. The application will be considered for inclusion in the next fiscal year agriculture bill.

  • RAILROAD: Reviewed letters WATCO had send to Columbia REA and the City of Dayton. WATCO said there has to be a better alternative to the one proposed to run fiber optics lines along the railroad right of way.

  • INDUSTRIAL PARK: Discussed installation of a fire sprinkler system in the small portion of the new industrial building 509 Cameron St.

  • LYONS FERRY: Heard updates on operations, and wind damage repair. The breakwater repairs may be complete within two weeks.

  • SIGN: Discussed "Welcome to Dayton" sign near the Port office that was hit by a vehicle. The sign was destroyed.


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