LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner would make outstanding sheriff


John Turner has earned my trust and respect and I believe he is uniquely qualified to serve as our Walla Walla County sheriff.

I met John in a professional capacity in 2004 as the managing partner of a vineyard and start-up winery operation.

Initially I was impressed with John's business acumen and his management skills. Over time I also appreciated John's personal integrity, honesty and loyalty. John has a real sense of fairness and understanding of ethics.

In 2008 John was recruited to serve as a U.S. counter-terrorism investigator/rule of law advisor in Iraq. This position required top secret security-level clearance from the Department of Defense, which he still holds. In this capacity John worked with the best our country has to offer -- our people and the latest in law enforcement technology.

John has over 21 years of solid law enforcement and legal experience. His credentials are impressive, including extensive law enforcement experience and training regarding gang prevention, intervention and enforcement in Los Angeles as an officer with the LAPD.

As a police attorney and counter-terrorism investigator he has a strong understanding of law, policies and procedure.

John is 46 -- with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to lead, yet he has had world-class experience, education and training.

John's family's roots are here, and Walla Walla has always been a part of his life. What a tremendous asset he would be to lead our Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office. It would be a shame for this opportunity to slip by, only to realize later that the status quo is mediocre and insufficient against the challenges our community faces.

We need not only fiscal responsibility from our sheriff, but fiscal creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and real plans that will move us forward.

John's professional references at JohnTurnerForSheriff.com are impressive. They speak volumes about his experience, leadership style and integrity. After you have had a chance to review John's website, and meet John personally, I believe that you will agree with me that John Turner would make an outstanding sheriff.

Debora L. Zalaznik
Walla Walla


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