LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Comments on illegal immigration too much


There are so many arguments I have against the recent letter -- "What about disregard for immigration law?" -- but it would far exceed the 400 words I am allotted.

In short it is sad there are people in our area who are so uninformed as to claim, "If the justice department succeeds in squashing the new Arizona law, it is only a matter of time before our nation becomes a true war zone."

Anyone feeling this way is definitely living in the wrong community. I am in communication with the Latino community on a daily basis (as most of us are living in this area). Every single person I know would have no part in making the U.S. a "war zone."

I have no idea whether Latinos I know are legal or not, but I would much rather be living amongst these people than people who can't check their prejudice at the door. I agree there needs to be laws in place but really? Blaming the entire "U.S. war zone" on illegal immigration? Please.

Sharon Martin
Walla Walla


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