Milton-Freewater Humane Society to help facilitate spay, neuter project


MILTON-FREEWATER -- Milton-Freewater Humane Society, Inc., formerly "Pets of Milton-Freewater," is collaborating with two Pendleton animal-welfare groups to facilitate a Umatilla County spay and neuter project.

With a $25,000 grant from the Handsel Foundation, the project began in May and will go for a year. The group aims to alter and return 4,000 free-roaming feral and stray cats or cats belonging to low-income families.

The effort is similar to the Cat Management Coalition in Walla Walla, but budget won't allow for vaccinating and microchips, said Lyla Lampson, spokeswoman.

In both programs the goal is to spay or neuter sufficient numbers of cats to decrease the feline population in each county.

In northeast Umatilla County, surgeries will be done by Kennedy Veterinary Services in Milton-Freewater. Co-pays averaging $15 will be requested for feral and stray cats and $30-$50 for eligible pets.

Information: Call Lampson at 541-938-4711, or Cindy Spiess at 541-278-1253 or 541-429-5666.


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