LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Guns don't stop crime? Ask a burglar


The article in the June 20 edition of the U-B (5 Myths about Gun Control) is certain to raise some hackles. I was particularly troubled by Myth Number 3 ("When More Households Have Guns For Self-Defense, Crime Goes Down").

According to the authors, their data "shows that a net increase in household gun ownership would mean more homicides and perhaps more burglaries as well." I would love to see this data, if it exists.

I began my career as a lawyer taking court-appointed criminal cases and probably defended as many burglary cases as any of my peers at the time. In each case I always made it a point to ask my client if he would have entered his victim's home had he thought the owner might be armed.

In every single case the client advised that he would not. Strange as it might seem, burglars, like the rest of us, don't particularly relish the thought of being shot.

Occasionally someone will ask me if I can recommend a good home alarm system. I routinely advise that the best protection a home owner can have against intruders is an NRA or Smith & Wesson sticker on his or her doors because most burglars will not consider entering a premises if they think the owner might be armed.

The assertion that an increase in household gun ownership will result in more burglaries not only defies common sense but is an insult to the intelligence of all criminals everywhere.

Just ask any burglar if you don't believe me.

Charles B. Phillips
Walla Walla


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