Touchet School Board meeting frustrating

Touchet School would be nothing without its team of dedicated teachers who have proven over the years how important students are to them.

What I witnessed at the latest School Board meeting frustrates me. The superintendent sat through the entire meeting with his back to the teachers and community.

When told we couldn't hear him, he didn't bother adjusting his chair, despite the end of the table being vacant. His poor body language makes a poor statement!

Also, it was announced that deposits from class activities are "lost" ... records and money not showing in accounts for specific student earnings. Teachers shouldn't have to worry about these situations. Those responsible for funds should prove capable and not make repeated errors of this serious nature.

Finally, a community member addressed the School Board regarding high tension in the hallways, stemming from a seeming lack of concern and support by administration to our teachers! Lack of support that stretches beyond the hallways.

Our superintendent recently chose to don a hat with a rival team's town on it, and sit near its cheering section at a basketball playoff game. Regardless of hailing from that town, doesn't he have a stronger desire to support the students, coaches and community to which he's currently a part of? Our players are disheartened by this.

Yet, a past board member stood at January's meeting, belittling our teachers, saying they should be ashamed for making trouble ... that same theme used in a previous letter to the editor by another community member.

Should our teachers really be ashamed to claim unprofessional treatment when an administrator conducts a meeting with his back to them, cringes at holding a door open for them or when they must question lost records and student funds?

To quote my sister: "At the end of each day, do you believe that you've been part of the solution, or part of the problem?"

The problem isn't our teachers, nor are they enjoying wading through the fog of thick tension built up during the course of this year. They want honesty and fairness restored!

Trust the earnestness of our teachers to keep our school of high standards ... one we are proud and confident to send our children to. If they aren't the ones looking out for the best interests of Touchet students, who is? Certainly not the guy who cheers for the other team!

Concerned for Touchet School? Attend board meetings/school functions to gain insight into what's really going on for the sake of our children - our future!

Jennifer Stephens

Walla Walla

Gov. Gregoire breaks her promises

Perhaps Washington state's motto should be, "Whatever Gregoire wants, Gregoire gets."

Gov. Chris Gregoire decided to ignore her promise not to raise taxes in a bad economy. She recently announced her intentions to impose a $605-million tax hike.

The governor's agenda found favor with the Legislature. So, a voter-approved measure to limit taxes has been suspended by the Legislature, and of course, Gregoire was quick to sign the suspension into law. The suspension of the anti-tax law is supposed to be "temporary." I guess the governor thinks that will help us sleep better at night. Gregoire has broken promises before, so should we believe in "temporary?"

The citizens of Washington state made it clear with their votes that lawmakers need constraints when it comes to raising taxes. But Gregoire and company just made it clear our wishes don't matter. They found a way to give themselves permission to tax and tax and tax!

They must be taking their cue from Congress. Remember what Congress did recently? It raised the debt ceiling so Barack Obama and company could run up more debt! The leaders in Washington state and Washington, D.C., are birds of a feather flocking together!

Gregoire says, "I hope, I expect, the people of the state of Washington will understand we're in unprecedented times."

I'm surprised she didn't claim, "And it's all George Bush's fault!"

Gregoire's mentor, Obama, does that all the time. At any rate, I believe the people of the state of Washington understand all too well. Inability to maintain a budget, raising taxes and breaking promises are not unprecedented with Gregoire in charge!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla

Headaches and back pain

Headaches, headaches, headaches.

Did you ever figure out where headaches come from? Maybe it comes from giving all you have to do a good job and it is never enough. The ol' head gets kind of sore when it is beaten against the wall because there is no give.

If you have back pains, maybe it's because you are getting stuck in the back by people who want to get ahead of you. I once heard a fellow say that you have to cheat someone to get ahead.

My opinion of that kind of thing is such a person is not good enough to do the right thing the right way. Buck passers are people who pass their responsibilities on to someone else because they don't want to accept responsibility for their own actions. This is my opinion

Irvin Powell


We need more radical people

In recent years, the words "radical" and "fanatic" have been thrown around by the news media and by liberal educators. They have been applied to Muslim terrorists as well as to Christians taking a stand against same-sex marriage and abortion. It would be good for us to take the time to understand the meaning of these two words.

The dictionary shows that these words are synonyms, having the similar meaning, "extreme." However, the word "fanatic" is most often used to describe people such as terrorists. The dictionary meaning of the word fanatic is "excessive zeal for or irrational attachments to a course or position" (irrational being the operative word). The definition of the word radical is "arising from or going to a root or source; favoring or resulting in extreme or revolutionary change, as in political organization."

I would agree that "fanatic" does describe terrorists. However, I take issue with those who would demonize Christians who would take a radical stand for what is morally right.

At the beginning of our nation's history, there wouldn't have been any controversy over taking the biblical stand on moral behavior. In recent years, however, our nation has become so politically correct that many people are afraid to take a stand for fear of being vilified.

I would contend we need more radical people. By radical, I mean living out the radical idea of "Loving your neighbor as yourself" and practicing honesty and integrity in all aspects of daily living.

Jesus Christ is our example. He lived a life of absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and love that were radical in his day. The Christian world needs to understand that being a nominal Christian is no match to fanaticism on a broken and fallen planet. We need to be as diligent to preserve our great country and restore it to its original greatness as our enemies are in attempting to destroy it.

Now that we have differentiated the meanings of fanatic and radical, let us "go to our source" - the Bible, and choose to bring about change in our country by returning to the godly standards set forth in the Bible.

The change in our country would be revolutionary. It reminds me of a cute story about a man who got absolutely honest with his boss about money he had stolen. The change in him was so drastic that when he went home his own dog didn't recognize him and bit him. That's radicalism! I am not a nominal Christian, nor a fanatic - just a little radical.

Phil Monfort



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