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McDonald Zaring Insurance raised $225 during its May 13 Relay for Life Bunco fundraiser at the Elks Lodge. The entire amount will be donated to Relay for Life of Walla Walla, said Cherie Engebretson with MZI.

A number of businesses donated gifts for the event, including Bright's Candies, Book & Game Co., Coffee Perk, Elks Lodge, Fat Cats, Falkenberg's Jewelers, Inland Octopus, Martin's Jewelers, Romanza Gifts, Scrapbook Elements, Serendipity Day Spa, Studio Opal and Willow.

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Ricardo Sanchez, vice president of communications and educational services with Sea Mar Community Health Centers in Seattle attended an academic achievement awards program at Walla Walla High School on Thursday.

He represented his organization, which awarded six $1,000 scholarships to Latino students at Wa-Hi. Their cumulative gpa as seniors is 3.45, Ricardo said. They are among 120-plus others that were awarded to students, all of whom come from farm-worker families. For scholarship consideration, SMCHC looks at GPAs, personal stories and hardships and sometimes those without stellar GPAs are awarded scholarships, too, he said.


Walla Walla High School students in Kay Jamieson's special education class hosted an Egyptian Tea Party on May 6 to showcase what they have learned about ancient Egypt. Students researched pyramids, the mummification process, hieroglyphics language symbols, art, food and more, the May 7 Week in Review reported.

Guests could try a variety of homemade Egyptian food dishes; prepared mostly by the students.

The students were positioned at information stations around the classroom featuring their posters, handmade artifacts, websites and powerpoint displays. Guests rotated from station-to-station to hear from the students about what they learned.

Kay said the hands-on learning project was very successful and she is very proud of how much her students learned.

She is considering posting the project on the Wa-Hi website and creating a display for this year's Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days.

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