LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letter of the month a bad idea


As for having a letter of the month -- please, please, no on that. I felt your article on the regular contributors you did a while ago was a mistake.

I can assure you, many of those "regulars" took that as a sign their vitriol was an acceptable means of sharing viewpoints, no matter the hatred espoused, nor the altering of facts to make their points.

I don't hold myself above anyone and know that my way of thinking is not the end-all of reasoning. I just think it's a bad idea to create a forum that would put honor to some of the fodder written with hate and misplaced facts.

There is no argument that these types of letters would be excluded as the majority of these types of opinions are from the very same core of regulars you featured in your article. While we each have the right to our own opinions, too few have the insight to realize opinions and facts are not the same.

I for one would have declined being in the article, and certainly do not wish any of my letters be selected if you go through with this idea. More to the point though, it is my sincere hope that if you decide to go through with this, the selection process will ensure a handful of the regulars never attain the distinction.

Thomas Peacock


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