Avant-garde makeup in Walla Walla takes it to the extreme

Halloween offers a great excuse to face up to a walk on the wild side.


WALLA WALLA - Jewel-toned faces and jungle cats walked the streets Tuesday after emerging from a Birch Street lair.

Amanda Evans and a few volunteers welcomed guests with champagne glasses of aa pomegranate juice and a few ideas for their makeup appointment at Face It Skin Center.

The makeup artist, Evans, uncapped jars of turquoise and gold sparkles and loaded her airbrush with spray-on makeup. In another room, hair stylist Alison Laughery of Hair Dreamers, plugged in her triple barrel curling iron. Purple extensions streaked Laughery's blond hair.

Within an hour, the first model debuted her new look: dramatic blue eyelids, icy lips, and a swirl of blue sparkles that stretched from her cheek to her collarbone.

"It's called avant-garde makeup, which is just extreme makeup," said Evans. "It's pretty outrageous and fun."

Evans painted the second model's eyelids a deep purple. Three-inch-long false eyelashes, purple lips and teased hair with purple hair extensions completed the whimsical look.

"I've never even worn fake eyelashes," said another model, Amy Coelho, as Evans sprayed her forehead a metallic green with the airbrush gun. "I thought the airbrush was going to blow my eyelid up and paint my eye," she said with a laugh.

This was the first event of its kind for Evans. After Laughery agreed to style hair for the event, the two picked a date and hoped people would volunteer as models.

"Nobody else offers this in Walla Walla," said Evans. "I wanted to do this before Halloween so people knew this was available."

Evans used the next model to showcase costume ideas. Using the airbrush and a stencil, she painted black cheetah spots in an arc across the face and fading across the neck. The spots were accented with gold sparkles. Black catlike eyes and gold lips finished the cheetah face. At the last moment, Evans adhered peacock-hued eyelashes and gold eyeliner for some fanciful detail. The spray-on makeup is cool and light when applied, dries quickly and lasts until washed off with soap and water. Even then, a few elusive spots remained until a second douse.

Hair stylist Laughery had volunteered at the Sept. 24 Paint the Town Pink Party, which raised money for a breast cancer fund at Providence St. Mary's Medical Center. The event, hosted by Just Us Girls Sharing (J.U.G.S.), offered pink hair extensions at $5 an extension, among many other pink-themed activities. Laughery had some remaining pink extensions for the Tuesday avant-garde party.

Makeup appointments are available on Halloween, if booked in advance. Plan for a half-hour appointment at $20 a person. Face It Skin Center is located on Birch Street across from the YWCA.

Katrina Barlow can be reached at katrinabarlow@wwub.com.

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