Romine has finely honed people skills

My family has used the wonderful services of our local Hospice. It is imperative our local county coroner has an excellent working relationship with Hospice.

It is also important our coroner have the empathy that is needed to work with families as they lose a beloved family member.

Virginia Romine, as a registered nurse, has worked both with terminally ill patients and their families. This type of experience well prepares her for many aspects of a coroner's job.

On an annual basis most of the deaths in Walla Walla County are naturally occurring, but the Coroner's Office is still responsible for issuing death certificates and therefore must have not only administrative skills, but finely honed people skills.

We would be blessed to use Virginia's people skills in our Coroner's Office. Join me in voting for Virginia Romine.

Sheryl Cox

Walla Walla

Income tax should be defeated

Please vote no on Initiative 1098, the income-tax initiative. It is more than it appears to be.

Several years ago when I was an instructor at a small college, several students and I wanted to start a new athletic club. After doing research, we discovered that a previous effort to establish this team had failed.

The principal reason for rejecting the first proposal had to do with the program competing for the same athletes as existing teams. The proposal would result in diluting the quality of athletes available for them.

We concluded that to succeed we needed to define our proposed program in a very narrow way that avoided the issue of "stealing" athletes from the major sports. We designed our request to limit the team to a division of the sport known as lightweight men - nobody over 150 pounds.

Our reduced program could not take most intercollegiate level athletes. When the proposal was presented to the approving official, he commented that what we had given him was just the nose of the camel peeking under the tent.

Last week I returned to the school and visited the team. It now had added the heavyweight men's and women's division the athletic department had not wanted. The approving official was right and the camel had moved into the tent as he predicted.

The voracious tax camel is now pushing its nose under Washington state's tent. The same earnest promises I made of strict limits are being made by its proponents. But in two years those promises mean nothing - the Legislature rather than the voters will determine who and how much will be included in the income tax, the property tax and the B&O tax.

Plus, there will still be no limit on the sales tax. A vote for Initiative 1098 is really a vote for the whole smelly tax camel, not just the nose that has been promised.

To put it another way - Initiative 1098 is an opportunity for Washington to become the New Jersey of the West, and that is not a compliment.

James Baker

Walla Walla

Vote ‘yes' on Initiative 1107

Say "yes" to Initiative 1107 to repeal taxes. The taxes are unfair to all Washington tax payers.

We as voters need to tell our politicians in Olympia that this tax is absurd. Why would we tax bottled water and carbonated fruit juice, but not tax all candy bars? What next? Will they be taxing air?

They put new taxes on pancake mix and chili made by Washington companies, but not on similar products made by their competitors in other states. I am voting "yes" on I-1107 to repeal the legislators' costly and unfair taxes on food and beverages.

Hope Ehlis

Walla Walla

Timing is everything

What was the purpose of the article "Candidate claims called into doubt?" It appeared that the article was trying to discredit John Turner without any evidence.

The article had a lot of unsubstantiated finger-pointing. This all seemed to have occurred around 2006. The timing would suggest it was politically motivated.

Jay Tucker said he may have some kind of evidence, which was never revealed. I never read anything from Jay Tucker or Ash Hollow board members that would indicate they are holding a smoking gun.

Tucker said his vision for Ash Hollow was different from Turner's. Tucker said he wanted a small business; Turner's vision was for a worldwide business. Jay Tucker said, "Turner was very good at projecting a high end image that pulled in investors; he brought a lot of money in by doing that." Tucker added that "he had to pull in a lot more money than he did."

Is ambition unethical or illegal?

Both sides talk about Turner loaning Ash Hollow $25,000, which is still on the books. Karla Patten, a board member backed up the claim, saying "Ash Hollow owes Turner nothing except, perhaps, the $25,000 dollars loan and the accounting is still ongoing."

The attorney for Ash Hollow, Kris Hedine, said he never heard any board member or anyone in the company complain about irresponsible spending by John Turner. Kris Hedine then asks how John Turner can pass a federal background investigation if he is involved in wrongdoing.

The editor is quite clear that the paper needed to do a thorough job of reporting rather than rushing to print. What did its investigation come up with? It interviewed several people and it came down to he said, she said.

Shari Davis

Walla Walla

Put a stop to Pacific Power increases

The UTC should squelch Pacific Power's outrageous request for a 21 percent increase in rates. Likewise, the staff of the UTC's recommendation that Pacific Power only be allowed to raise the rates by 12 percent.

Pacific Power has had three annual consecutive rate increases as it is. Why is it entitled to keep asking for more money?

When is the UTC going to speak up and act on behalf of the rate-paying citizens of this state and our area in particular? It is not made clear in the U-B article by journalist Vicki Hillhouse exactly what the 8.34 percent overall rate of return is based on. I doubt that very few businesses in Walla Walla are making 8 percent or better.

And for the average user, it's only an additional $20 a month or $240 a year. Chump change for billionaires, so kick it right in, please.

Warren Buffett was the subject of a few panels of the comic strip Doonesbury in the past few weeks. Mr. Buffett's alphabet soup of LLCs and corporations including Berkshire Hathaway, which owns Pacific Power.

He is one of the foremost billionaires on the planet. Mr. Buffett's problem, self-identified, is how to give half of his billions to charity. Philantrophy is only evidence for bad social policy.

If Buffett wasn't ripping off us and others right and left he might not have so many billions to ponder over.

Maybe if the UTC had a few thousand more letters objecting to any increase it would listen. It's past time for the UTC to put a stop to this robber baron.

Charles Potts

Walla Walla

Give Patty a ‘pity party'

Pity poor Patty. Attacked from every angle even though she saved the Walla Walla VA! She did it all by herself. Call her Super Patty.

She and the rest of the Democrats have spent our great- great-grandchildren's money and yet she brags about how she saved 3,000 teachers jobs, to say nothing about all of the other government union employees on the government sugar teat.

These are the hangers-on, the takers who have never signed the front side of a pay check and yet think we "owe them." Let us give poor Patty a "pity party" on Nov. 2. Vote for Dino.

Pete Dahlquist

Walla Walla

Article on Turner questioned

They say "timing is everything"! Jack Benny, Bob Hope and Will Rogers had it, so did Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally and Lord Haw Haw.

The comedy team that felt it was time to launch a political smear against John Turner has it, too. It did it just before the November election ballots are mailed. The Walla Walla Political Machine cranked itself up to full speed with this one.

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin has a right and possibly an obligation to print this information, however, the article in Wednesday's paper was rife with half-truth, innuendo and no real proof of any wrongdoing on the part of John Turner.

Moreover, it implicated two of Walla Walla's citizens and business people who have been, and I'm sure will continue to be, honest, strong supporters of this community. Were I not already committed to John Turner as a candidate for Walla Walla County sheriff, I would be now.

Bill Vollendorff

Walla Walla

John Turner doesn't meet standards

For some time, it has been increasingly more evident that John Turner just isn't who he professes to be.

In reviewing his website and comparing various articles and letters to the editor supporting his candidacy, fuzzy math seems to be employed when calculating job history and experience.

Now, according to the Union-Bulletin article of Oct. 13, he admits he should have paid closer attention to the bookkeeping at Ash Hollow Winery.

It appears there was some fuzzy math employed at that establishment as well during his management. He was charged with managing an establishment he was undermining financially under the guise of marketing a product.

According to the county website, the Sheriff's Office budget is over $4 million. Do you want fuzzy math applied to the administration of your tax dollars?

It seems to me that a candidate for the position of sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer in the county, should be above reproach and of the highest integrity and character. I just don't think Turner meets these standards and for that reason, I encourage you to join me and vote for Bill White for Sheriff.

Barbara A. Forcier

Walla Walla

Yes vote urged for I-1098

Recently two letters to the editor, both penned by Fieldings, revealed the sloppy thinking and scare tactics of those clueless about the value of public welfare.

When a citizenry is healthy and educated, we all benefit. A quick glance at I-1098 should be enough to inform citizens that the initiative will provide $2 billion a year to education and health care and will create a source of revenue to maintain these services.

Because I-1098 requires full public disclosure of spending and dedicates all new revenue to a trust fund free from legislative meddling, we will not see changes to the income-tax rates or new requirements about who will pay the new tax without a vote of the people.

The "slippery-slope" fallacy promulgated by opponents on the far right of the political spectrum needs to be recognized as just that: A logical fallacy in need of correction.

Since I-1098 actually cuts taxes for the vast majority of Washingtonians, reduces or eliminates B&O taxes for small businesses and cuts property taxes by 20 percent, I think you might like to consider voting "yes."

Lori Dohe

Walla Walla

What's I-1098 got to do with pap smears?

Initiative 1098 will secure funding for essential health care and education in our state - including reproductive health care. Core services that people count on have already been slashed, and there are even more severe cuts on the horizon. Take Charge, Washington's largest family planning program, is scheduled to be eliminated because Washington doesn't have the resources to support it.

By cutting Take Charge, the state will actually incur $50 million in additional costs related to unintended pregnancies - annually.

This cut makes no sense. Take Charge has helped over 400,000 low-income women get birth control and pap smears so they can protect themselves.

Join me in voting yes on I-1098 to make sure women have access to the health care they need, and our state has the ability to keep life-saving services like family planning intact.

Araceli Romero

Walla Walla

U-B stand on anti-Semitism commended

Over the course of the last decade, I have built deep connections to Walla Walla. I helped permit two clean- energy projects in the county, put a son through Whitman, worked with the Watershed Alliance and continue to buy lots of fine wine, among other things.

I'm fortunate to have many friends and colleagues in town and while I don't romanticize Walla Walla, I cherish it, nonetheless. I commend the U-B for its professional, prompt and thoughtful response to the recent anti-Semitic outbreak in town. I join you and many others in hoping that recent events turn out to only be isolated incidents.

But one thing should be clear: Walla Walla has zero tolerance for hate crimes. I appreciate you for delivering that message.

Robert Kahn

Mercer Island

Richard Greenwood has the edge right now

I have been following the local elections and have been decided in all of the contests except for one: The Walla Walla County coroner.

I had watched the debates and read the platforms and letters to the editor in the Union-Bulletin. I saw the editors have favored Mrs. Romine over Mr. Greenwood, and also said that either would be a good choice.

From what I understand about the coroner job, it primarily supports law enforcement. Mr. Greenwood had stated in his platform (Union-Bulletin, Oct. 3) that the word "investigate" is used over 60 times in a coroner's job description. A coroner would have to be objective, and emotionally neutral to make sure justice was done, but also still show the highest respect for all.

Mrs. Romine expressed sentiments in her platform that would lead me to believe she might be swayed by feelings over making sure justice was done. Also, she had stated that certain procedures are expensive and should be kept to a minimum.

I would hope there would not be procedures skipped in order to save money, which might result in an injustice going unnoticed.

At this point in the election, I favor Mr. Greenwood.

Sharon K. Schiller

Walla Walla

What is Turner's stand on gun laws?

It's clear that both candidates for sheriff have served with courage and dedication during commendable law- enforcement backgrounds.

We've seen many comments regarding their goals and views, but I have one question as someone deeply concerned how the legislatures and law enforcement of some states are ignoring certain constitutional rights:

"What, exactly, is your opinion of the right to keep and bear arms?"

Two particular aspects pertain to the right of a law-abiding citizen to acquire and have (1) a concealed pistol license and (2) a military-appearing (but semiautomatic) rifle, such as an AR15.

The U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment protects the right of armed citizens to protect the country, stating that their right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed (as is done in California).

Section 24 of our own Washington State Constitution declares: "The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired ..." Note that defending the state is not about sport, trapshooting, hunting or even defense against burglars.

Washington is a "shall issue" state, which means a police chief or sheriff shall (must) issue a concealed pistol license to any adult citizen who is not ineligible (convicted felon, domestic abuser or mentally unstable). Over 258,000 Washingtonians have these permits. California, on the other hand, is a "may issue" state where the issuance of concealed permits is left to the whim of a sheriff or police chief - no explanation required. It's very difficult for "ordinary folks" to obtain one there.

Washington - unlike California - does not prevent law-abiding citizens from having a so-called "assault rifle" like an AR15 mentioned above. I say so-called, because these are semi-automatic like many hunting rifles and not select-fire/automatic assault weapons (machine guns) as issued in the military.

California once mandated registration of a particular type rifle and after they were all registered, that type of rifle was pronounced illegal and anyone who still had one became a felon. They also criminalized magazines that accept over 10 cartridges - a "feel good" measure that allows any number of 10-round magazines but you're arrested if one holds 12.

It would be helpful for voters to know for the record (on these pages or his website) Mr. Turner's opinion on this as one who was required - as an LAPD officer - to enforce California's many draconian firearms laws. I believe I already know where Bill White stands.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla

Lewis is credible candidate

Recently two of Ms. Culwell's supporters said that Ed Nichols of New York was not a worthy person to endorse Mr. Lewis because Nichols "makes a living defending sex predators, molesters and people accused (notice here, accused, not convicted) of incest."

In the case of Mr. Nichols' firm many of his clients are spouses who have been accused of sexual misconduct as a result of divorce disputes over child custody. Divorce disputes bring many false accusations and only by going to trial can the truth be determined.

Ms. Culwell would have you believe the makeup of Nichol's client base somehow impacts his credibility and therefore his endorsement of Mr. Lewis. I witnessed what appeared to me to be a similar attempt to discredit on the part of Ms. Culwell at the candidate's forum held recently at the Liberty Theater.

A woman asked Ms. Culwell a question regarding the wasting of taxpayer money by bringing cases to trial that were not justified and resulted in dismissals. Ms. Culwell pointed at the woman and said she recognize her from the rape trial.

Up to this point Ms. Culwell had not made any reference to a questioner's identification. We have seen Ms. Culwell run a very negative campaign. She has tried to discredit Mr. Lewis in many ways. Don't be fooled.

Mr. Lewis is a credible candidate. He has strong beliefs based in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. He believes all citizens have the right to a fair trial, not some, depending on the charge, but all.

Yes he lost an election in Louisiana.

Does this raise a red flag like Mr. Passmore would have you believe? If that were the case would Passmore say the same thing about Abraham Lincoln, who lost many races? I say it does raises a flag all right, but the flag has three colors - red, white and blue!

Sue Bell


Yes, don't be fooled

I consider myself a politically responsible citizen and I follow the candidates' news and views closely each election season, especially the local races that will have direct affect on my life.

The unfortunate course of many close races results in negative campaigning. Often one side or the other will likely make up something when they were unable to dig up dirt or they simply revert to using vague comments that cast doubt and slander on their opponent.

The Columbia County race for prosecutor is very tight and has become quite controversial in this regard. When challenger Randy Lewis says, "Don't be fooled," I hope the voters do not get duped by him.

Our current prosecutor, Rea Culwell, is running on the merits of her record, which is better than the state average. Notice that Mr. Lewis has never mentioned the merits of his record working for Columbia County. That is because he has only done six cases for our county in the last 41/2 years.

His public defense success record in our county is only half of the state average. He lost the only appeal case he has done, twice. He has only done one trial case this year, it was in Walla Walla and he lost. Would you consider this a stellar record?

Lewis also suggests that when you cannot run on your record you resort to half truths and lies. When Mr. Lewis addressed the Democratic Caucus Committee, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Rea Culwell has the worst record of anyone in the state and is the worst prosecuting attorney that Columbia County has ever had."

When asked if he had any statistics to support that statement, he could not come up with any. Any statement in Rea Culwell's campaign materials can be supported with public records or statements made by Mr. Lewis. I agree with Mr. Lewis that you should look into the moral character differences between the candidates.

When Mr. Lewis said at the Republican ice cream social, "I know all the tricks," he makes me doubt his good will to serve me as a citizen. What tricks will he use to try to get elected? You should ask both candidates to provide proof of statements they make and if they can't come up with any, don't believe them.

Democracy only works when the citizens are accurately informed. The truth will come out eventually about these negative campaign tactics, I just hope our judgement is not blinded by them when we mail in our ballots.

Reggie Mace


U-B complicit in smear of Turner

Wednesday's front-page story - "Candidate claims called into doubt" - has it backwards, and thus further perpetuates a smear. A close reading of the story tells me the headline should have been "Accuser claims called into doubt."

1) The story started with anonymous accusations sent to the U-B.

2) The chief accuser arrived at the winery after John Turner had left.

3) It still owes him $25,000.

4) Way down in the story, on the second jump, the accuser says, yes, we should do a thorough accounting, but now is not the time. What would be the proper time - after the election?

FDR said, "Nothing in politics is an accident. If it happened you may be sure it was planned."

This is a smear, calculated to influence an election, and the U-B is complicit in the smear by its presentation of the story. The U-B made John Turner the defendant. It should have made the accuser the defendant. The burden of proof is on the accuser.

Ed Reading

Walla Walla

Vote ‘no' on Initiative 1098

One of the many problems with instituting an income tax is in two years the Legislature can modify it. How will it modify an income tax? Past history gives a strong indication.

The tax is supposed to be mostly for education. But according to the Washington Policy Center in the past they have raided the School Construction Account for $193 million. They raided the Education Savings Account for $51 million and the Tobacco Prevention program for $20 million.

After two years the Legislature will most likely raise the tax and divert the funds to other pet projects.

Vote ‘"no" on Initiative 1098.

Vic Phillips

Walla Walla

Culwell poor choice for Columbia County

My family was a victim of Rea Culwell's prosecution tactics, spending over $15,000 fighting criminal charges for what one of Culwell's predecessors, Conrad Hoskins, had deemed a civil matter.

I am not sure why she went after my family with such viciousness, but in my opinion she is anything but professional. I would like to share some of what I discovered about Rea Culwell's conduct as a prosecutor during that year.

Rea Culwell does not care about justice. All she cares about is her win record. Rea Culwell ignores and makes motions to suppress evidence of innocence in pursuit of a guilty verdict, which in some twisted way she considers a victory. Rea Culwell is willing to send innocent people to prison, ruin lives and financially devastate families to win her case.

The charges that Rea Culwell brings against many people are unfounded and unsupported by evidence. Her tactics are to throw the book at them, put in her bluff, and hope they plea bargain; all to keep her win record. Innocent people do plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid spending all their savings defending her ridiculous claims, or losing their constitutional rights.

Rea Culwell is so self-important she does not care how much unnecessary trials and jury selections cost Columbia County taxpayers. Rea Culwell's office spent around $350,000 last year, of which Culwell got about $110,466 plus benefits.

This is an overall increase of 27 percent since Culwell took office. In a county of 4,100 people, of whom 25 percent are children under 5 and senior citizens, that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on prosecution. I am sick of paying high taxes to watch elected officials abuse public trust.

Prior to Culwell's second-place showing in the primaries, I attempted to find out from Culwell's office how much money she spent prosecuting our case.

I believe this is my right under public disclosure law. I was rudely told she did not have to keep track, and that Culwell answers to no one within the county, not even the Columbia County commissioners.

I beg to differ. Cullwell answers to the people of Columbia County. In my opinion, people who think they are above the law have no business administering justice. Please join me in giving Randy Lewis a chance as our next prosecuting attorney.

I believe he has experience, honesty, integrity and common sense.

Ruth Shearer


Creation Conference is in Walla Walla

Because we live in such uncertain times I'd like to draw folks' attention to the Creation Conference coming to Walla Walla tonight and Monday.

This dynamic event is brought to the Valley by a multi-denominational group of churches and individuals. Mike Riddle, an educational specialist with a bachelor's of science in math and master's in education, has been heavily involved in creation ministry for more than 20 years. Before becoming involved in creation ministry, he was a U.S. Marine. Mr. Riddle also holds notoriety as U.S. national champion in the track-and-field version of the pentathlon (in 1976).

Mike Riddle will open the conference with "Is Genesis Relevant Today?" Other topics addressed include apologetics, questions to ask an evolutionist, and cloning, stem cells and life. The talks take place tonight at 6:30 and 7:45 p.m. Monday at the City Seventh-day Adventist.

Mr. Riddle will also speak to residents and off-duty personnel at the penitentiary today and Monday afternoons. Area home-schooled students as well as those in grades 1-12 attending local Christian schools will meet at City Church with Mr. Riddle at 9 a.m. Monday.

Phillip Monfort


Report on, don't influence, elections

Newspapers are supposed to report on elections, not try to influence elections to satisfy their political handlers.

The timing of the U-B's article on John Turner is so obvious as to be ridiculous. Jay Tucker comes across as someone who can't accept his own failure.

A Wells Fargo/National Federation of Independent Business study shows that only half of businesses that employ people are still in operation five years after opening. It happens everywhere, especially in this economy. It has certainly happened to other wineries.

But Jay Tucker is trying to use his failure to further his own political agenda and to satisfy his political debts to the local power brokers. If the U-B was interested in good journalism and the truth, it would have printed an article on Jay's winery situation a month or two ago to allow all facts to come out.

The citizens of Walla Walla County see right through this! John Turner hasn't been involved with Tucker's business for more than two years. For much of that time he was in Iraq. Jay Tucker is responsible for his own business failure.

John Turner is the best candidate for Walla Walla County sheriff! His law enforcement experience is world-class and speaks for itself. I am embarrassed that the name Tucker is even involved in this dishonesty.

I doubt that when my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Abijah Tucker, was fighting in the Revolutionary War he ever could have imagined the American political process would descend into this type of dirty tricks!

Please join me in voting for John Turner for Walla Walla County sheriff.

Matt D. Tucker


Keep city Aviary open

I just found out today that the Aviary is on the financial chopping block! I cannot tell you how sad that makes me!

Please reconsider this decision and take stock of how important the Aviary is not only to this community, but to our tourism. I realize that our wineries are a big tourist attraction. I also know, because of talking to tourists who visit Pioneer Park, how much people from out of state enjoy the Aviary!

I have heard from people from Virginia, Idaho, Oregon - just to name a few states - that none of these people enjoy the privilege of having such an aviary or park like Pioneer Park where they are from!

Growing up here, I never lived anywhere myself that had such wonderful parks like we do. Since I grew up very close to the park, and always enjoy walking around the park, seeing baby peacocks, as well as the other various animals who everyone enjoys so much!

I have so many special memories of my days playing in the park, and enjoying all the birds and various animals. Walla Walla is a family-friendly town. The parks contribute to that and it is free for all.

Why could we not organize a concerned-citizen group (like the people involved in revitalizing Jefferson Park did)? There are so many community-minded people in this town who really love Walla Walla.

Possibly there are enough people who would be willing to contribute to keep the Aviary open. I am not sure, but I would be willing to challenge people to show their support for the cause.

I have a lot of respect for administrators of the city, and I know they are good people, and they really try to keep our city a safe and great place to live and visit. I also know how hard it must be to decide where to cut funds in such an economy. Please give our community a chance to rise to the occasion and offer to help to keep our Aviary open.

Please reconsider and give our citizens a chance.

Lanetta Romero

Walla Walla

Richard spells fine qualities

We're voting for Richard Greenwood for the position of coroner because of his fine qualities as follows:

R - is that he is responsible.

I - of his integrity.

C - he is compassionate.

H - his honesty.

A - he is an admirable individual.

R - he is reliable.

D - of his being dependable.

These are characteristics my family and I have seen in Richard, having known him personally for over 30 years.

M.J. Brown

Walla Walla

Change the history of Walla Walla

I have lived in Walla Walla for over 17 years. There are two things I have noticed about Walla Walla politics.

First, I have rarely seen an election- season editorial in the U-B that did anything other than to support the incumbent candidate.

Secondly, over the years I have lived here, I have heard some disturbing accounts of misconduct of public officials, sometimes involving supposedly prominent residents. The behaviors reported should have resulted in public figures being kicked out of office, and charges being brought against them or others involved.

Instead, all such matters were cleanly swept from view, no investigation, no publicity, no charges, no consequences. Walla Walla has far too many dirty secrets in its history.

It is time to clean out the dead wood. I am getting the feeling that anger against this pruning process is inspiring some of the nasty accusations against new candidates we have been seeing this election cycle.

It is time for voters to not give in, but to get ready to make some necessary changes. Things need to change and the political focus needs be on choosing candidates who are responsible, honest and who will do their jobs with integrity.

We need to change the history of Walla Walla to one of which we can be truly and legitimately proud. It is that government that will rightly serve the next generation of Walla Walla.

Gail Warren

Walla Walla

Make correct decision on Inland Octopus mural

Many people in the city of Walla Walla like the painting on the front of the Inland Octopus store. I am one of those people. I believe the owner of the store was not meaning to make this big of a deal.

Even though he may have exceeded the space with the mural, I don't know why they would waste time and money going to court!

I'm an 11-year-old kid who loves to go to Inland Octopus and I think the mural adds personality!

I just hope the city makes the correct decision!

Camryn Holbrook

Walla Walla

Bill White has earned your vote

In the election for Walla Walla County Sheriff we find one man who has been working in our Sheriff's Office for three decades and a man, whose only job appears to be campaigning for office, but has, in the past, worked as a Los Angeles police officer.

Looking back a few years when the city of Walla Walla needed to replace a retiring police chief, the City Council wanted to look first at officers in the department. The chief was selected because of his experience and knowledge of Walla Walla's Police Department, the community and he came from the ranks of Walla Walla officers.

Today I believe Capt. Bill White represents the best choice for the position of sheriff because of his knowledge of the internal workings of the office, his experience working with other law enforcement agencies, his understanding of the sheriff's responsibilities working with the county commissioners, the county's prosecuting attorney, the coroner and his vast knowledge and experience of what it takes to serve the entire county with law enforcement services.

If I see a weakness in Bill White's resume, it's simply that he's not a politician. Bill is an analytical man who speaks with reservation, but understands he carries a big stick.

Bill is a law enforcement professional who is supported by most of the local law enforcement personnel and has earned your vote in this election. I urge you to join me and cast your vote for Bill White for sheriff.

Jim Henderson

Walla Walla

Turner would make improvements

There has been a lot of questions concerning the letters of support John Turner has received from out of the area. Most of these letters have come from men and women in the military and police departments, these are people Mr. Turner has worked for and with in the past.

Our military and police personnel are some of the finest this country has to offer. I have total faith in the character and integrity of these people and doubt they would write falsely.

As to Mr. Turner changing the Sheriff's Office should he be elected, I don't see it as change but rather bringing in a vast amount of experience from other areas to add to and better the good Sheriff's Office we currently have.

I have absolutely nothing against Capt. White, but if we have the opportunity to increase the knowledge, experience and capability of the department, should we not?

Also, this has been a good, clean campaign for sheriff and I see no reason for John Turner and Bill White not to have a good working relationship (should Turner win) and draw on each others vast knowledge and experience to better our Walla Walla Sheriff's Office!

Tony M. Tabor Sr.

Walla Walla

Bill White deserves promotion

Over the past few months Dee and I have read many glowing reports of Mr. Turner's accomplishments and capabilities from individuals all over the United States.

We do not know Mr. Turner so we have no personal opinion of him one way or another. However, there are a couple of things that disturb us,

In the Sept. 26 edition of the Union Bulletin there were columns written by both candidates running for sheriff. Mr. Turner stated many things he would do if elected, such as more deputies and a K-9 patrol.

These are things we probably need, but where is he going to get the money to implement his ideas? We have heard Bill White say we need these improvements but at this time, in this economy, we cannot afford them. He is being honest about this. We're sure if money were available our present sheriff would already have done this.

On Aug. 2 National Night Out was held at Jefferson Park. It is our understanding that notification was sent out prior to this function that there was to be no political campaigning. However, it was noted that Mr. Turner was at the head of the line, where people were receiving their food, handing out campaign material.

When he was reminded of the notification that had been sent out, he replied he thought that just meant no campaign booths. His "helpers" continued to pass out material. The other candidates had no problem adhering to this request.

Mr. Turner wants to be elected to enforce our laws, but seems to be incapable of following a simple rule. Perhaps that's how they do things in Los Angeles.

We feel Bill White deserves and should be elected sheriff. He has served us faithfully, honestly and with a great deal of integrity for 30 years. That qualification should allow him to move up in the ranks and become our new sheriff.

We question the statement that over half of the deputies favor Turner. Most of these deputies have served long and have performed with exemplary careers. I wonder if some of them will be replaced by some of the outsiders we have heard sing the praises of John Turner.

We have seen what "change" has done in our country these past two years. We do not want a dramatic change in our Sheriff's Office. We will vote for Bill White.

Leon L. Olsen

Walla Walla

Monahan Hood has experience

Bridie Monahan Hood is my choice for part-time District Court judge. She has deep roots in the community. Her great-grandfather, F.D. Applegate was the first director of our local YMCA.

Bridie's grandfather, Don Monahan, was the second YMCA director and her father, Dick Monahan, was a respected local attorney and community leader. This family legacy has contributed to Bridie's respect for law, justice and equality. These traits will help make her an outstanding judge.

Bridie knows how our local court system works. Her current practice in family law has provided her with extensive court and trial experience. A typical week will find her in court multiple times representing her clients. In preparation for this next step in her career Bridie attended an in-depth Washington State Bar Association judicial training class in 2009.

Bridie has donated countless hours of her time as a family advocate. This selfless work has been recognized by the YWCA, Blue Mountain Action Council and the Washington Supreme Court Access to Justice Board.

With Bridie's legal experience and extensive knowledge of the local judicial system she is the right choice to serve as our next part-time District Court judge. Now is the time to add a female voice to the judicial system in our community.

Please join me in my support for Bridie Monahan-Hood for part-time District Court judge.

Dan Reid

Walla Walla

Fed action prevented disaster

For the past year the Republican Party, led by McConnell and Boehner, has been the party of "No." No to everything. Not surprisingly the Republicans have been the party of "No" for at least 80 years.

In the 1930s they said "No" to Tennessee Valley Authority, "No" to CCC, "No" to FDIC, "No" to Social Security. In the 1940s they said "No" to the GI Bill (a godsend to a million veterans). In the 1950s Dr. Fishbein of the AMA called us the Communist State of Washington for having the Bureau System of health insurance, and the Republicans said "No" to Medicare. In the 1960s Reagan said "No" to bank regulations and we had the Savings & Loan debacle. Bush said "No" to more bank regulations and disaster happened, as greed led to billions in sub-prime loans.

Finally, Paulsen, Bush, Berneke and Obama realized the system must be saved. If we had not saved GM, AIG, Fannie and Freddie, etc., we wouldn't have 10 percent unemployment, we would have 20 percent. The Dow Jones wouldn't be at 11,000, it would be at 1,100. TARP isn't going to cost $800 billion, we will recover 90 percent of that, and almost all economists believe it was a necessary cost.

The economy isn't good, but this is a worldwide problem. It will take more than 18 months to fix, but the actions of the last 18 months have prevented total disaster.

By the way, where would we be if people hadn't been protected by FDIC, Social Security and Medicare? You know - those "Socialist" programs?

John W. L. Bond, M.D.

Walla Walla

Why was hall of famer ignored?

A homegrown, Wa-Hi hall of famer (Class of ‘94) was ignored by the U-B and I would like to know why?

Seville Broussard was inducted into the Eastern Washington University Hall of Fame on Oct. 9.

I wrote the U-B soon after the announcement was printed in the Spokesman-Review on Aug. 1 to no avail. She still has many friends and supporters in Walla Walla. It's quite an accomplishment for her. Her high school coach, Leslie Stockton, attended and was recognized by Seville.

Juanita Johnson



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