LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Recent actions seem malicious


I'm writing for the sake of thoroughness and clarity regarding recent newspaper coverage of the circumstances surrounding Ash Hollow and John Turner's candidacy for sheriff.

The accounting firm of Zalaznik, Moore and Associates was hired to prepare income tax returns for Ash Hollow, not perform daily bookkeeping and accounting services. John and Ash Hollow both relied on his company's experienced bookkeeper, who is not with our firm, to properly account for all of the transactions.

We are thankful now that our firm worked with Turner personally through all of this so we could speak out about what happened. All of the information we were able to disclose was taken from our work with John Turner. We have not, and do not, disclose private business information about our clients. With his permission, we felt it necessary to speak up on John's behalf because there are those who seem intent on trying to destroy the reputation of a good man.

John Turner is a hard working, talented and honest man. Our firm refused to stand by and watch a few people take business and personal transactions out of context and twist them for the express purpose of misleading the public about John's integrity. It's hard to see recent actions as anything but malicious.

Debora L. Zalaznik
Walla Walla


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