LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rumors about Turner not true


Until recently, I didn't know sheriff candidate John Turner and was beginning to believe the vicious rumors floating around Walla Walla. I have found the allegations people in this community have propagated to be false.

I also found it surprising your newspaper would present allegations with no factual basis. It appears to me there a desire to smear the good name, credentials and reputation of Turner.

Although there is sufficient factual basis to surface issues involving his opponent Bill White, Turner has fought a fair campaign, refraining from the dirty politics plaguing elections throughout our country and in this election.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to find allegations against Turner are false. The most serious allegations involve his "unauthorized" use of company credit cards. If this is indeed true, why would none of the other board members of the company taken action criminal or civil against him?

The only thing that might be said is maybe he should have been more careful in documenting the use of company credit cards, just in case he decided to run for public office.

I have heard many things attacking the validity of his experience and character. He has been accused of not accurately representing his experience with the LAPD and his basis for departure. He is retired from the LAPD and went to law school. He has been accused of lying about his stint in Iraq. The man put his life on the line for over a year to get involved in something he believed in.

He has been accused of being a bad father, but doesn't have any kids. It has been said he was not born and raised in Walla Walla, and therefore, isn't worthy of being sheriff. He has spent a significant portion of his life in Walla Walla and has deep roots here. His opponent wasn't born and raised here and neither was the current sheriff.

We have some serious issues involving gangs, drugs and crime that have been seriously neglected. Before Election Day, you need seek out the truth for yourself.

Check out his website at johnturnerforsheriff.com or call Mr. Turner. Not only will you find out why he is the better candidate, but you will learn a lot about law enforcement and what must be done to make our community and county a safer and better place to live.

Michael Patrick Morris
Walla Walla


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