LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Don't gamble with public safety


I have watched the political races with great interest. Specifically, the race for county sheriff.

I appreciate the time and effort the Union-Bulletin has spent sifting through the facts. Facts that to a certain extent, cannot be disputed. Their efforts have informed me to the point where I believe I can make an informed, responsible decision.

The 2008 presidential election taught me a great deal about politics. How an elected official will govern has little to do with the way they campaign. It seems at times that our country is heading in the wrong direction.

Our city and county governments, however, are not. We are fortunate to have a number of committed individuals in our local governments. Our local leadership is solid. In this economy, we need to utilize every resource. We should appreciate our public servants while holding them accountable for the direction they provide our community.

We need serious, committed leaders to address the serious evolving issues we face.

The election for sheriff should not be a gamble. It should be an investment. If you want to be confident in this community public safety, if you want dedication, honesty and commitment, if you want administrative and budgetary experience, if you want the assurance that you have the best law enforcement service possible, elect Bill White for sheriff.

Genevieve Cooper
Walla Walla


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