LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We can't afford Patty Murray


I'm sure that if I met Patty Murray at a PTA meeting she would be a nice enough woman and exude genuine concern for our children's safety and well being.

But when you consider all the "pork " Patty Murray has brought to the state of Washington, you should also take into account the cost.

One thousand plus earmarks were also included when she voted for Obamacare, now 60 percent to 70 percent of the electorate nationally are against it. This same bill was to increase IRS agents by 16,000.

She is willing to let all the Bush income tax cuts expire Jan. 1 or vote with whatever version "her leader" settles on. Supposedly, the largest tax increase ever. She supports Obama's cap and trade that is likely to double your costs for heat and electricity.

The point simply put is: She is an extremist policy and spending clone of Barack Obama, who has doubled our unemployment rate.

National debt has increased 30 percent to $ 13.6 trillion under his watch. The budgeted spending is $1 trillion more than revenues. The stimulus (TARP) didn't do much for "we the people," just the leftist liberals supporting Obama. Just where did that $1 trillion go. No one seems to know.

We the people of Washington just cannot afford Patty Murray and all her liberal comrades.

Kenneth D. Emerson
Walla Walla


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