LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rossi supports rich on backs of middle class


Kudos to the U-B for supporting Patty Murray. For me, the choice is clear. Patty has demonstrated dedication to the people and thoughtful concern about where taxpayer dollars are spent.

After careful study of the "evidence," she voted against the invasion of Iraq -- a war based upon lies. Where would we be now, if others in Congress had been as conscientious? The Iraq War has cost $1.9 trillion and will continue to cost for decades as the taxpayers shoulder the burden of care for 32,000 physically injured soldiers, 20 percent with head injuries. Additionally 30 percent suffer costly mental disabilities. Then there is the inconvenient collateral damage: 4,427 dead American soldiers, an estimated 1 million Iraq citizens disappeared, and a destroyed country.

Local conservatives rush to accuse Patty of bringing home the pork. Veterans' care -- pork? Safe highways -- pork? Equal access to education and health care -- pork? Was not the Iraq War pork for the Republican supported war industry, including Halliburton, Blackwater, etc.

Wealthy contender Dino Rossi makes millions as a real estate speculator. First, he benefited from the real estate bubble. Now he proactively takes advantage of foreclosures, increasing his wealth while cashing in on recession victims. Rossi is also one of Karl Rove's more recent poster boys (think George W. Bush).

Rove's two political fund raising businesses (American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS) sprung from the Bush-appointed, far right Supreme Court, whose recent decision allows corporations to contribute to campaigns as individuals while keeping the identity of donors anonymous. Rove's groups boast they have raised $50 million in order to maliciously attack Democrats during this election cycle.

On Oct. 20 the Sunlight Foundation -- a nonprofit, nonpartisan government watch group- reported that these two groups, heavily funded by Big Oil and Big Coal and wealthy Texans have contributed $1 million to Rossi's campaign. You think Rossi is going to support you in Congress? He has been bought and he will be beholden, but not to the middle class, the working poor or the unemployed.

Rossi describes himself as a fiscal conservative. Really? Rossi approves the building of a Mexican border fence. The cost? $10 million per mile; we're talking 2,000 miles.

Considering the debt created by the Republican party during the previous decade, "fiscally conservative" apparently means making policies that ensure the rich get richer and more powerful on the backs of middle America.

Jenny Romine
Walla Walla


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