LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Culwell well-qualified and experienced


Rea Culwell is the best candidate for Columbia County prosecutor. I have observed her in the courtroom in Dayton and in her former position as a deputy prosecuting attorney for Benton County. She is very professional, has great courtroom demeanor and is prepared and confident in her presentations.

Rea has a win-loss record as good as or better than state averages. That is one criteria for efficiency and excellence. More important is her continued action and policy to fight criminal conduct and hold lawbreakers accountable.

Rea is definitely way ahead of her competition, Randy Lewis, in understanding the financial complexities of her office. At the ice cream social held several weeks ago, Lewis was incorrect and obviously confused when he promised the audience he would "balance the court's budget." That is not a prosecutor function, who has no control over the court's budget.

Rea Culwell passed the Washington state bar exam and that gives her a badge of credibility. Lewis did not and to me that is a shortcoming. Demeanor and presentation is all important to this job. Rea has it hands down over Lewis.

She is well qualified and experienced. She can stand on proven professionalism with integrity. Please join me in voting to retain Rea Culwell.

Crane Bergdahl



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