LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: State workers do pay more for health care


I would like to comment on your "Our Opinion" column regarding state workers health-care costs in the Aug. 20 paper.

It appeared to me you had not done any research and it was not based on fact. Therefore, it truly was just "your opinion."

The facts are that effective Jan. 1 deductibles increased 250 percent and co-pays increased 100 percent. The last pay raise was a 2 percent increase in July 2008.

Most state workers are not paid huge salaries. Many are barely making enough to provide for their families. Many have now had to take a pay cut through furloughs.

State workers have sacrificed enough. Why should a job-holding state worker have to worry whether he can afford to take his child to the doctor when all those on welfare or incarcerated are provided medical care for free?

In the future, do your research and state the facts or just keep your opinion to yourself. Someone just might think that what they read in the paper is the truth.

Bonnie Hussey

Walla Walla


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