LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote tax-and-spend liberals out of office


I have always been opposed to Patty Murray and her liberal agenda. My wife and I printed out her voting record and went through just the last two years so we could get the facts straight.

There is not enough space to cover her dismal record on immigration, national defense, gun rights, health care, liberal spending, abortion and pork-barrel spending just to name a few.

No illegal immigrant has the right to Social Security benefits but she voted for this bill. She votes against every proposed bill to tighten the borders. Ms. Murray voted against making English the official language in the U.S.

She voted for a bill that would give $246 million of stimulus money to Hollywood. Ms. Murray voted against tax cuts for working taxpayers and voted to fund ACORN with Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.

Her stance on the Fairness Doctrine is on record. This Fairness Doctrine is meant to do one thing; to shut down conservative talk radio and certain news agencies that differ from her political beliefs. Liberals such as Ms. Murray are running scared and would love to silence the conservative media.

We as taxpayers and voters must remove liberal spenders. Patty Murray ranks near the top of the liberal spenders list. How many bailout programs, that we can't fund, will it take to get rid of Patty Murray and others like her? How many bailout programs will it take before we say "enough?"

Ms. Murray and her tax-and-spend liberals have got to be voted out of office. If it is your intent to allow government in every aspect of your life then Ms. Murray is it. I want her and every other politician with her agenda out of my life. Let's go back to the Constitution and get rid of the liberals who are spending us into oblivion.

Let's put this in perspective. We heard a fact that shows how pathetic our voting record is in the United States. In Bagdad, where people were threatened with their lives if they voted the wrong way, voting records show that 95 percent of the people voted. In this country where we are free to vote, however we want to, with no threats of violence, it is 38 percent.

Come on and let's vote these people out of office who are sending our country into bankruptcy.

Bill Whipple
Walla Walla


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