LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Octopus mural is art


Is it a mural or a sign? That's not the question, nor is it the size.

The question is: Art or eyesore? What is art? Who is to say what is art, but the person making the art, don't you think?

In my opinion the dog on First and Main is an eyesore. Just like the giant onions are eyesores. Only the people who made them call them art. See, that's just my opinion.

Does the City Council or Downtown Walla Walla Foundation or even the city attorney have the right to say what is or is not art? No.

It's just a way to bring people into downtown and into his business. It looks better than the bright yellow building where you can buy wine and taste wine. That is a sore thumb to the look of downtown.

Now the sign, which is just above the door. It's 6 feet long by 2 feet tall, it says "Inland Octopus." That is the sign, not the pretty picture.

You people crying about the mural, you can't see it unless you are right in front of the building because of the trees. One tree on the west side and one tree on the east side, so there is no way to see it from up or down Main Street.

If the owner of the building does not have a problem with the mural, then why should anyone else? Is it his building or is it the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation's or the City Council's or even the city attorney's building?

Now that is the question.

Donnie Lackey
Walla Walla


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