In the minutes - POMEROY COUNCIL


Pomeroy City Council members are Dennis Gillis, James Fuchs, Stephanie Newberg, Paul Miller and Donna Hunt. Mayor is Alan Gould. With Hunt absent Tuesday:

  • AWARD: Pat McGuire of the state Department of Ecology presented a plaque for outstanding achievement at the wastewater treatment plant. McGuire said the staff has submitted the required reports on time. He specifically recognized Glenn Davis and Willie Graham for their outstanding efforts.

  • BURNING: Paul Rossow of the DOE air quality division told the council there is grant funding available for alternatives to outdoor burning. The grant is due at the end of August and requires a 25 percent match from the city. City labor could be used toward the match, he said.

  • SHERIFF: Heard monthly report by Steve Krouse of the Garfield County Sheriff's Office. An emphasis patrol for seat belt violators was run in July.

  • HOUSING AUTHORITY: Learned a housing authority may not be a program that would fit Pomeroy's housing needs.

  • PIONEER PLAZA: Learned the pond is running, pavers are being placed, awnings are in place, and a planter box has been constructed. Restrooms are scheduled to be placed Sept. 1.

  • SIDEWALKS: Voted to accept McCall's Classic Construction as the contractor for the 10th Street Sidewalk project. The project is funded by the state Transportation Improvement Board. The TIB has approved project extras including sidewalks repairs at the grade school and work at the high school matching the current sidewalks that will increase the total project amount to $201,000. Unanimous.

  • NUISANCE: Mayor Gould requested each council member to bring two addresses to each meeting that might need to receive nuisance letters regarding weeds, junk, etc. The nature of the nuisance should be stated on the submissions, he said.

  • NOANET: Council will review NoaNet franchise agreement and ordinance. Proposed changes or questions will be submitted to the city clerk.

  • PAVEMENT: Authorized the mayor to sign a Small Cities Pavement Preservation grant application. Unanimous.

  • SANITATION: Learned title search will be forwarded to city attorney Ogden Murphy Wallace for preparation of purchasing documents for sanitary control property.

  • PLANNING: Tabled discussion of board of adjustment and planning commission until the September meeting.


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