Letters to the editor — Help College Place make decision on a high school


The College Place School Board has decided to consider a high school for its school district.

This is an excellent time to do that.

There seems to be a mad dash in Walla Walla to get in taxpayers' pockets. Maybe $200 million next year.

Possible requests: $50 million for Wa-Hi renovation, a four-year $50 million maintenance and operation levy for schools, who knows how many millions for streets, utilities if they rob utility funds for intersection work on Myra Road and a possible swimming pool.

Our school district is only talking about a Wa-Hi bond at this time. Passing a $50 million M&O levy first would jeopardize chances of passing an additional $50 million for a Wa-Hi building bond.

When working on M&O levies, history tells us that school boards always use the threat of dropping popular programs (like sports) to pass levies if they need to for levy passage.

If the Walla Walla school bond and the M&O levy are approved, College Place taxpayers will be obligated to pay multiplied millions as their share unless they build their own high school.

The past few decades College Place has emerged from being considered a suburb of Walla Walla to a progressive growing modern city that attracts many new businesses to locate there.

It has the two largest retail stores within a 40 mile radius. Most likely it would also have Costco if the Walla Walla City Council had acted neighborly to College Place.

It has grown from about 3,000 residents to about 10,000 in that time period. It might be the only modern city of that size in our state that doesn't have its own public high school.

We've been told by our Walla Walla school superintendent that the Walla Walla School District (a high school district) is mandated by law to educate College Place high school students (a non-high school district).

For some reason the pertinent information of that law is omitted when quoting the law. The law is specific when saying the law only applies if the two districts mutually agree to such an arrangement.

Let's help the College Place School District decide now to build its own high school by giving it legal notice that in five years Walla Walla School District will no longer educate College Place high school students. This will give College Place time to build.

More later.

Vern Filan

Walla Walla


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