LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Did Obama really have a plan?


I caught the last few minutes of our fine president's speech today on his jobs (or lack of) tour and was quite impressed that he appears to be visiting areas that have an unemployment rate of around 6 percent or 7 percent.

He was very predictable in his blame game, but then he has gained a lot of experience in that the last two-plus years. He said we had to get over the partisanship and think about the country, then he gave an example: If I told Michelle she had to cut back on shopping, on buying shoes on buying dresses but I didn't cut back on golfing that wouldn't be fair; we would both have to cut back on our spending.

Now that's not word-for-word, but real close to what he said. I thought to myself, now that's real conservative of him -both parties agreeing to cut spending without having to bring in new revenue. I would have expected him to say Michelle needed to get a job and if she made over $200,000 to give extra to the IRS to be fair.

He told us about how he gave his plan to cut $4 trillion to House Speaker Boehner and the speaker just walked off.

Now if he had a plan, I sure never saw it, he never submitted it for review and he never revealed it to the public to gain support. I did, however, see a plan submitted by the Republicans called Cut, Cap and Balance.

Senate Majority Leader Speaker Reid refused to have it read on the floor and President Obama said he would veto it the minute it arrived at his office without even reviewing it. Why? Because it didn't include any new taxes. I mean new revenues.

Now the big buzz is to blame the tea-party movement for the credit downgrade and the ballyhoo in raising the debt limit, but I clearly remember back in 2010 when the Democrats held majorities in both houses and the Treasury secretary told them the debt limit would be reached in April 2011 and should be raised now, but Reid decided to wait until after the elections so he could put some of the blame on the Republicans. Shame on you Reid.

If Cut, Cap and Balance or the Ryan plan had been implemented, would the U.S. have received the downgrade? I don't know. What about it S&P?

Now answer me this - if Obama is the answer, just how stupid was the question?

Earnie Crewse

College Place


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